We worry about our families, we worry about our world, and sometimes we end up worrying just to worry. It’s a dance we all end up doing more than we need to, mostly because being worried is a vast misuse of energies and time. You can only worry about those things you directly have control over. Our problems in life are all that we can directly influence and sometimes even these closely related troubles are still things that might be beyond our direct control. This is where worrying seriously deprives us of our ability to do good in the world. 

Everyday we can examine a worry and quickly decide if it is something our actions can have a direct impact on. If it’s something we can’t impact then we need to let this worry go and focus on what it is we can influence. One of the things I believe is an immediate remedy to worry is gratitude, service and hard work. These actions can swiftly help you combat the troubling spots in your life that can cause you to worry. 

Try it out. When you begin to experience anxiety that accompanies worry, quickly run through a gratitude checklist. It is amazing to see how worry can be dispelled by gratitude. Couple this exercise with service. When you begin to serve those people in your life that are worthy of your time and energy, you will soon realize that your problems are somewhat less significant. If you begin to replace worst case scenarios in your mind with those of service and gratitude it is almost impossible not to feel your worries ease. 

Worry is something that you will deal with daily, but it is critical that you balance worries and stress with meaningful attitude and service. Keep in mind there is a choice associated with worry. It is either something you can change or something that you cannot, recognize the difference and it will save yourself a lot of worry. 

Jeremy Fouts

Jeremy Fouts Faith Over Fear