Attitude, it’s something only we control   

 According to, the following is their definition of attitude:  a complex mental state involving beliefs and feelings and values and dispositions to act in certain ways. Attitude, it’s something only we control. Unfortunately, many times we allow others attitudes or external situations to influence ours.  To be successful at any endeavor, attitude is something that must be conquered and protected. Examples of how our attitude determines outcomes in our lives are found all around us; at home, in school settings, at our jobs. It has been demonstrated time and again that success is determined by attitude.  Any leader in an organization that has promoted an employee will almost always indicate it was their attitude that helped them secure their advancement.    

People are watching  

People, including children, are always watching you. Did you realize that people make their decisions of whether or not they like you because of your attitude? How they will speak to you and if they decide to have a relationship with you is all based on how you project your attitude. It is incredible that just by having a good attitude you can influence people. Think about it for a second, remember back to when you dealt with someone that had a poor attitude, it’s like biting into a raw lemon by just remembering it.  You would do almost anything to not have further interaction with them; a negative attitude is a turn off. But a positive attitude is an attractant and a leadership attribute that helps you to have a positive influence over others. 

Every moment of the day we get to determine our mindset. Deciding whether we have a positive or negative attitude will immediately influence your world.  Push your mind to always find ways to maintain a positive attitude because this ability will allow you to always arrive at a positive place, automatically dispelling negativity out of our circle of influence. 

Jeremy Fouts

Jeremy Fouts Benefits of a Positive Attitude