Timidity by Jeremy Fouts

Awkward, shy, backward, introvert, there are a hundred different ways to describe the feelings of being timid. It is sometimes a painful experience for people to address the restrictions that come with being overly timid; ultimately robbing us of our opportunities in life to be bold and shine. 

Being timid may ultimately limit your leadership and life. However, a unique fact is that timidity is one of the most demonstrable traits that you can excel at and overcome. Each of us, with a little strength training, can defeat the feelings of timidity. It is literally like exercising, overcoming timidity is similar in establishing fitness goals and practicing until it’s a muscle. By doing this as often as we can, our limitations of timidity are quickly turned into strengths. 

Usually being timid comes with the fear of speaking to others, so how would you turn that into strength? Do your best to talk to everyone–practice talking, at the grocery store, at the gym, at sporting events, life is short who cares if someone rejects you, they won’t give a second thought so neither should you. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can overcome being timid. Don’t let being timid rob you of a lifetime of new friends, amazing opportunities, and unlimited rewards. We will never be able to be a blessing to someone else’s life or our own if we can’t reverse the negative side effects of timidity. 

It’s important that we allow ourselves to be brave and confident throughout our life, it allows us to thrive. When we operate within the constraints of timidity we sacrifice so many opportunities. Life changing positive benefits for all fall through the cracks when we are too timid to act. It is always my hope that you will see the greatness that is inside of you and harness that confidence to overcome timidity; it will serve you and others throughout your life, affording you the success that you deserve.

Jeremy Fouts Faith Over Fear