Jeremy Fouts Saturday Call Overview

Why Jeremy Fouts Saturday Call

Jeremy Fouts Saturday Call has provided a weekly leadership phone call every Saturday for over 7 years. Over his career Jeremy has learned how to build strong foundation and how to lead a voluntary army into momentum.  He saw this weekly call as a way for people to receive positive leadership training along with useful business tips. He knew that they were searching for them, but unsure of where to find reliable training. There are a ton of people out there that promise the latest cutting edge secret to build momentum. Many of these programs seem promising, but neglect to help people master the fundamentals. There are no secrets to success, it takes personal action and the discipline to work on becoming better.

What is the Call about?

Throughout these weekly calls, Jeremy remains constant in reminding the callers to determine their purpose and reason. This principle is the driving force to their success in everything they do. Fouts uses these Saturday Morning Trainings as a tool to help people stay connected to their WHY.

The Saturday call is also a time to recognize future leaders along with identifying the needs of the group. Jeremy is constantly evaluating a variety of factors to determine the direction of his trainings. The Saturday Call attendees range from the brand new person to high level distributors. This creates an interesting challenge to create messages to help everyone. Jeremy Fouts loves this challenge and it has been a driving force to help him stay sharp and continue to grow as a leader.

Where to find the Saturday Leadership Calls

If you are not already listening to the Saturday Calls with Jeremy, please join us this weekend! These weekly trainings can be found here:

Jeremy Fouts Saturday Call