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“Pray for eyes that see the best, a heart that forgives the worst, a mind that forgets the bad and never loses faith.”-Jeremy Fouts, CorVive Founder 

Small and simple realizations.   

It is amazing what small attitude adjustments in your daily life will do for your overall well being and your ability to love, serve and care for others.   


One thing I have tried to do in life is to never try to change people; just love them. Love is what changes people along with having the power to change all of us. 


The most important persuasion tool you have in your entire arsenal is integrity.  People are tired of all the indecisiveness.  They want to know you stand for something and that you’re an honest person who can admit when you’re wrong.   

Personal Productivity. 

Use your time and energy for accomplishing things important to you, your family and others around you. Make a daily plan, a weekly plan and monthly plan.  Most importantly write them down and assess them daily.  This allows you to prioritize, stay on track and stay accountable.  Along with the written you must show daily action.  Not everyday will go as you want, but without any daily action there will be no progression. 


The great compromises we make in our lives are not like in the movies, centered around huge vexing life decisions. No, the great compromises in your life usually come when you’re too busy to pay attention. It was the small things that accumulated in the ultimate betrayal of true character. The harder we work on noticing the small moments each day, help us become more aware of our actions, not just our hopeful intentions. This also helps us to see when our actions are bullish and self centered and to make the needed personal corrections and rise above it. Decide to live a different kind of life, more centered, aware, loving, true, kind and bold. 

Final Thoughts. 

“Instead of cringing at character regrets–we shall say I forged it, intentionally, joyously, lovingly, day-by-day, moment-by-moment.  Let us release the old excuses, and take the high road building our ideal selves.  

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Jeremy Fouts Faith Over Fear
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What is more impactful, making a wrong decision or never making a decision at all? 

Everyone has opportunities that come to him or her throughout their lives. You witness them, recognize them, and decide whether or not you’re going to act on those opportunities. When you spend your life unable to make a decision regarding opportunities that come your way you can become stranded on an island of your own making.  

Not making a decision, can be worse than making a wrong decision. Looking back at past decisions where I chose wrong, helps to educate me for decisions I will make in the future. It was all of my decisions, good and bad, and everything in-between that combined to bring me to where I am now. The only thing scarier to me than making a wrong decision is to not make a decision at all. Standing on an island of indecision and not making any headway is a terrifying way to live your life. 

We are not always going to make the right decision. However, deciding to make a choice, even the wrong one, builds your character. Those decisions decide your fate, and ultimately your destiny. 

Candice and I have always made it a personal undertaking to never stop learning and growing as leaders. We keep a log of  personal development books that we are reading, as well as a balanced record of what weaknesses we would like to turn into strengths. With these goals in mind we are able to keep charted on a path that helps  us to make informed decisions. Education is something that can help lend confidence when life throws choices your way. When we have learned something new that allows us to get out of our comfort zones and to explore new opportunities; that is what life is all about! 

Jeremy Fouts Faith Over Fear
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Finding the Brightside

Never in our lifetime have we faced a challenge like we face today.  Many thrive on the fear of thinking there is no way they will ever be the same. Economic fears are just as real as the fear of death and our opponent is mighty. But even in this time of tests there is a unique juxtaposition that presents itself when you imagine what magic is currently unfolding before your eyes and what is to come on the other side. 

There will be a historic chance to rebuild, become stronger, and be better. Fresh starts are once-in-a-lifetime but they are magnificent. Our’s will happen. We come from a long line of ancestry that have proven this time and again. Although these bloodlines may be distant to us now, their sense of survival still courses through our veins. 

As we turn to each other to lend a helping hand and find ways to be together, this rare storm has presented us with an opportunity that comes once in a lifetime. When was the last time your children begged to be outside rather than stare blankly into an iPad, slowly draining any social skills from their intellect that they might otherwise have gained? When was the last time your family had the opportunity to sit together and have a meal? When was the last time that you truly were surrounded by your loved ones? Please take time to reflect on these precious moments that you would have never had otherwise.  

We may never again get this opportunity to surround ourselves with our loved ones, unburdened by the daily grind that slowly leads us to our grave. I pray that each of you will take this time to build bridges that you would have never had the opportunity to do, had we never been caught in such circumstances. Use this time to sharpen your sword, realign your dreams, and unconditionally love those around you.  

Jeremy Fouts Faith Over Fear
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The Power Of Our Body – Cor Immune

Immune System

Did you know that one of the most powerful systems in our body is our immune system?  It is a complex system of organs, tissues and cells that is designed to prevent and limit infection in our body on a daily basis.  I have learned over time, that even though I try to make good eating choices, perform daily physical activity, and get adequate sleep, I typically don’t achieve it all.  Most of us don’t, even when we really try, which is why supplementation has become more and more important. 

If you’re like me, I take daily supplements to help support my physical energy, my mental focus, and I utilize protein powder just to name a few.  However, I don’t typically take what would be categorized as immune support.  After moving back to the city from the fresh mountain air of Western Colorado, I quickly figured out that my immune system wasn’t up for all the city had to offer.  My wife and I joked about having lived the last 4 years in a bubble, and realized now how many different people, etc….that we are now in daily contact with. 

This got my brain to thinking…. should I be taking an immune support supplement?  After reading and researching about the immune system in general, it’s a pretty amazing piece of machinery that we can’t function without.  I realized if I truly value my general health than this is an area that I needed to be more diligent in.  Based on supported research of time-tested vitamins, as well as herbal plants and fruits, the CorVive team and I decided that we needed to provide not only our families with an immune supporting supplement, but our trusted endorsers and customers as well.  Cor Immune is a seasonal product that I know many of us have been looking for and I’m excited that we are now able to bring it to our CorVive family.   


Jeremy Fouts Faith Over Fear
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For each of us, the word Stronger may be singular or multiple. 

What immediately pops into your mind when you hear this word?  Is it a physical image, or your mind (set)?  For each of us, the word Stronger may be singular or multiple. 
Personally, the word stronger for me is a physical, mental combination. As a husband, father and company leader, I have found that I need and have to be strong in both areas to be able to perform to my best abilities.  I love to push my body.  It provides me with much needed stress relief.  The ways that I push my body changes according to my life.  For the last four years, when living in Western Colorado that involved the labors of the ranch.  Building fences, cleaning irrigation ditches, and feeding the cattle.  Now, we’re back in the city.  I’ve taken up riding a bike, which I haven’t done since I was 10.  I’ve gotten back into the gym and using weights.  All of these activities help me to keep my body strong.  Even more important, is keeping my mind strong as well.

The mind is an amazing tool and piece of machinery!

The mind is an amazing tool and piece of machinery.  As with all machines and tools, they need to be serviced and taken care of. Every day I read.  This action alone helps me to focus, plan and execute.  This is a way that I am singularly able to help myself.  I personally focus on authors  that help me to challenge how I think and how I develop my skill set as a leader.  When I bike or run, I use that time to listen to audiobooks or podcasts. Part of keeping your mind strong is also protecting it from going dark.  We all have our trigger points, and knowing those triggers will help us in our thought patterns and keep us from the self destructive behavior of negative thoughts about self.
I have found when I am strong in both areas, I am better with my relationships and I am more effective as a leader.  I encourage you today to take action with your “strong”.  Start by making small daily goals that will help lead you to even stronger goals, both physically and mentally.

Jeremy Fouts

Jeremy Fouts Stronger
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The Benefits of a Positive Attitude

Attitude, it’s something only we control   

 According to, the following is their definition of attitude:  a complex mental state involving beliefs and feelings and values and dispositions to act in certain ways. Attitude, it’s something only we control. Unfortunately, many times we allow others attitudes or external situations to influence ours.  To be successful at any endeavor, attitude is something that must be conquered and protected. Examples of how our attitude determines outcomes in our lives are found all around us; at home, in school settings, at our jobs. It has been demonstrated time and again that success is determined by attitude.  Any leader in an organization that has promoted an employee will almost always indicate it was their attitude that helped them secure their advancement.    

People are watching  

People, including children, are always watching you. Did you realize that people make their decisions of whether or not they like you because of your attitude? How they will speak to you and if they decide to have a relationship with you is all based on how you project your attitude. It is incredible that just by having a good attitude you can influence people. Think about it for a second, remember back to when you dealt with someone that had a poor attitude, it’s like biting into a raw lemon by just remembering it.  You would do almost anything to not have further interaction with them; a negative attitude is a turn off. But a positive attitude is an attractant and a leadership attribute that helps you to have a positive influence over others. 

Every moment of the day we get to determine our mindset. Deciding whether we have a positive or negative attitude will immediately influence your world.  Push your mind to always find ways to maintain a positive attitude because this ability will allow you to always arrive at a positive place, automatically dispelling negativity out of our circle of influence. 

Jeremy Fouts

Jeremy Fouts Benefits of a Positive Attitude
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Faith Over Fear

Currently, we have all experienced a sense of being overwhelmed and confused with everything we’re hearing and seeing daily.  It’s easy to let not only our fear and panic take over our thoughts and how we live, but others as well. I encourage you always to stand strong in your personal faith and seek out positive influence.  Who you listen to, people you work with, friends you spend time with all end up influencing your thoughts and actions. Now, more than ever, we need to take account of who feeds us and who depletes us.

Choices, we make these every day.  We choose our attitude for the day.  We choose our work ethic for the day.  What we choose and how we do it, goes on and on.  I ask you, are your daily choices out of fear, panic, confusion?  Or are your daily choices based on optimizing the opportunities around you, seeking truth and balance, being a ray light?  Yes, we are in uncertain times and new territory, but that doesn’t mean you have to buy into the chaos. You can and have the right to choose the calm. 

“I encourage you to find respected authors who have proven themselves in their area of expertise.” – Jeremy Fouts

I also encourage you to build your relationships, get outside and enjoy the fresh air. A strong mind is followed by having a strong body.  They need each other and they don’t work without each other. Now is a great time to learn how to become more adaptable, find new ways to stretch yourself and most importantly grow from positivity.

Looking Back

I look back at times in my life when I could have been crippled by fear, times when a harvest never came in, times when money dried up, moments when I faced opponents that were bigger, faster, stronger…but it was my choice in those times to either show up and have faith or retreat in fear. It’s during these times that we are able to learn new processes, conquer our fears and become stronger.  These are the moments where we are able to build and refine our character as well as learn how to work with and help others.

Unfortunately, we can’t look into the future to warn ourselves of what to do or how to react.  But we can help our future selves by learning from our past. We can learn how to keep fear and panic in check.  Knowing who in our lives thrive off of fear and panic and keeping them at a distance. Learning how to calm our mind and evaluate before we react. 

I encourage us all, to keep living fearlessly!

Jeremy Fouts

Jeremy Fouts Faith Over Fear
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The Importance of Having Purpose and Reason

You have heard these words echoed many times… “What is your WHY?” Jeremy Fouts shares his thought this question often.  With the new year well under way, we thought now is a good time to dive into the importance of having a meaningful “why” in your life to help anchor you in good and bad times.

Jeremy Fouts shares a leadership message at the Corvive Reach event in Allen, TX

How would you describe a “why”?

A “why” can be best described as a main goal that drives you on a daily basis.  Your why, is the main goal and it is achieved by breaking it down to smaller goals or steps.  It becomes the fire in your belly, the tears you cry at night and the reason you are striving to become a better person.  

Every person’s why is different….for many it is in the form of financial freedom, that is achieved through a calculated plan of attack.  Others may come in the form of purchasing a home for the first time or a family vacation that you have only dreamed of thus far. There is no right or wrong, but YOU must make a decision of what that is and make a plan.

Your “why” is what will keep you going in the face of disappointment and frustration.  WHY is what moves YOU!

Jeremy Fouts shares how to find your “why”?

Finding your why can be a process.  It may require you to make lists of needs and wants and then further the process by prioritizing them.  If you are a visual person, a vision board may help you identify your why. Get your family and loved ones involved, listening to others input can help you see things in a different light.

In closing, here is a small excerpt Jeremy Fouts shares in numerous trainings, on realizing your why and how it contributes to everything from your long-term health to your overall satisfaction with life and success. 

Jeremy Fouts

“There was a time in my life when I wasn’t really sure what my why was and it was during those years I felt myself floundering.  Going from one job to the next, one goal to the next not sure where my life would take me. I grew up in a wonderful family, but in some ways there was a sense of survival from one day to the next. I never really had time to contemplate what my why was. I knew I had faith in God, I knew I cared for others, but I was just living day-by-day. Fast forward and I began to realize that one of my major “why’s” was sitting right beside me. Her name was Candice, she had always been my rock.  Upon contemplating my purpose she also became part of my why.  My why was completed after we were blessed with two amazing children. The three most important things in my life that combined to create my why were my sweet family: I cared so deeply for them. I didn’t know a love like that existed. Now this is the important part to remember, each of us have our own reason and purpose, we will all have different “why’s”. Don’t compare yourself or mimic someone else’s why, dig deep and figure out what will drive you forward when the world seems against you. What will push you to forge ahead when the going gets tough; really consider what is of the utmost importance to you and you will find your why.

Once I arrived at my why, I could start to visualize what I wanted my life to look like. I wanted to be a full time stay at home dad, cook my family breakfast in the morning, be there for every game, first date, first time strapping on skis, all of the firsts that come with understanding my why. And it gave me the motivation to really serve others and give the time and effort I needed to accomplish my goals that eventually granted me success. It hasn’t always been easy. There were days I wanted to quit. But I kept going because there was never a time that I couldn’t close my eyes and visualize my why, and because of that major purpose I forged ahead, no matter the storm. 

It is still the reason I do what I do today. I love to help people. I care deeply that people succeed in accomplishing their goals. It’s the reason many times I end up coaching individuals late into the wee hours of the morning. But once someone finds their why, there is no greater reward. I never tire of hearing the sound of someone’s voice when their why finally clicks.

No matter what else you do in life, no matter how far you have come, if you have not identified your why yet, please do it now.  You will thank yourself for the rest of your life. Your why will be directly linked to your success. And you deserve all the success in the world.”

Look around the blog to learn more as Jeremy Fouts shares more of his leadership messages right here at

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Jeremy Fouts’ Constant Drive To Do More

Jeremy Fouts’ constant drive to do more and be more is only surpassed by his desire to help others do the same.  He has always been a willing mentor, dedicating his life to helping others achieve their goals and dreams. Service for others has always been the source of his drive. He realized early on that the secret to really pursuing dreams and not stopping until you achieve your goals, is having a strong purpose and reason, also known as a ‘why’.

Identify Your Why

Often when sharing his message Jeremy will focus on really trying to identify your “why”. Your why is what drives you through life on your journey toward your ultimate destination. One of Jeremy’s major “why’s” that he often shares to help others identify their purpose and reason is that he knew he wanted to be a debt free, stay-at-home dad. A parent that could coach his boys sports teams and be home for holidays, birthdays and all special occasions. He wanted to be able to cook his children whatever they wanted for breakfast each day as they got ready for school. He wanted to have the option to drive them to and from school. He often describes his “why” in such detail that he would visualize it over and over. When tough times came he could reset his attitude simply by focusing on his “why”. By identifying your purpose and passion you can use it as fuel towards your goal and obstacles that arise.  Those obstacles get passed into your rearview mirror because your passion, your “why”, has propelled you beyond temporary setbacks, as you continue your journey to financial freedom.

Growing up on a farm and as an active athlete, perfection was something that was in Jeremy Fouts blood.  All he needed was a “why” to detonate this powerful motivation to accomplish anything he set his mind to. He knew that if he could create an opportunity for others to become passionate, he could change the lives of millions and that is exactly what he and his co-founder and wife, Candice Fouts intend to do—change the health and finances of as many individuals as possible for the better. They realize life may not always be perfect. CorVive might find you when you’re at your lowest point in your life, but that is exactly why CorVive was created. It is the vehicle you can hitch your goals to and reach for the stars, and once you identify your “why” with CorVive, there will be no stopping you from your final destination.

Connect With Jeremy Fouts

From the beginning, Jeremy set a consistent schedule of calls, LIVEs, and social media broadcasts to help train, answer questions, and help individuals find their passion and their “why”.  Whether it is an event or a social media LIVE stream, you can find the right cadence that fits your schedule. You can find Jeremy on the endorser channel on Mondays, Tuesday and Saturdays. Oftentimes, he will schedule additional LIVE broadcasts so that you have access to many training resources.  No other company offers the depth of a training schedule that CorVive does, to help each individual endorser succeed.

At the very top of Jeremy’s passion is his remarkable desire to help others succeed. We invite you to jump in and enjoy the journey, identify your “why” and don’t stop until you accomplish all the success you deserve.

CorVive is a young, novel, fun and fresh company.  With a clear vision that has been intricately embedded in the company, this rocket ship is headed to the top and we want as many people as possible celebrating with us! 90 days from now, two years from now, five years from now, don’t miss your calling.  You are going to hear about CorVive, it is quickly becoming a household name. It is up to you to decide if you’re going to hear about it or be the one creating and telling your story, while helping others find their purpose, passion and “why”.

Jeremy Fouts Training Top Leaders in Mexico
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