Finding the Joy in Our Calling

CorVive has been in overdrive over the past couple of months as we have celebrated a milestone anniversary, held our most talked about event, and traveled around the world with our incomparable leaders. Given the celebratory spirit over the past couple of months it has really began to solidify CorVive’s place in the world, and we are truly finding the joy in our calling.
Our simple philosophy of love, serve and care is deeply resounding and is instilling a feeling of expediency in all of CorVive’s leaders. These valued partners devote much of their time ensuring that the CorVive message is alive and thriving…and if you ask them it is not work, “it’s a calling.” So many of the wonderful people involved in CorVive feel like the stars have aligned to create an opportunity like no other and we stand with those leaders ready to spread the opportunity!
I find so much inspiration everyday from those leaders that recognize the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that they have their hands on and they do not take it for granted. I am reminded of a thought regarding ‘work’ and ‘jobs’…and it goes something like this…the only time you find true meaning in your job is if you are doing something that serves others. You may find a job that is fulfilling to a point, but the one long lasting job that you will never tire of is making a meaningful contribution to someone’s life. The underlying truth in this message is profound.
We should all be finding the joy in our calling…are you finding it in yours?


Of all the sentiments, mindsets, emotions that can encumber us are fear. It can also be the emotion that is most destructive to our happiness and life. I often hear individuals categorize fear as either their biggest driver or obstacle.  The power that people allow fear to have over them is overwhelming, but the true tragedy is in the fact that fear is an emotion that we can have the most control over. 

In general, fear is an irrational belief that something scary or dangerous is going to happen. The real damage done is allowing this feeling to paralyze you and control your decisions. It is okay to have fear, we all do, but we must not allow that fear to create our reality.  

One of the exercises I find that helps me, is to tackle the situation head on.  None of us like to, but facing fear allows us to take action which in turn allows us to realize we didn’t die.  It helps bolster our confidence and keeps us from paralyzation: of our mind, actions and even relationships. 

Another exercise I have learned is the ability to not allow others fear to affect me.  That is called guarding the mind. Many times it is our closest relationships that we need to monitor.  Ask yourself, are you really concerned, or is it the fear of others that is causing your concern. Fear keeps us focused on the past  and worried about the future. No matter the situation you’re in right now remember; nothing lasts forever, they can’t eat you and you can push through fears to find real purpose and reason. I challenge you now, to face those daily fears that have continued to hold you back from your real potential and live your best life. 

Jeremy Fouts Faith Over Fear
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