The Most Powerful Investment – Yourself

When we think of investing, our minds may begin to drift to the stock market, real estate or other similar areas which often conjure the same blood rush as striking gold; but more often than not, there is no get rich quick return. I, Jeremy Fouts, have often thought about what the best investment is; and even though I’ve made significant investments in things from real estate to stocks, I will always say there is nothing quite like investing in yourself. Investing in yourself is really the only sure thing.

You will often hear me refer to my ‘why’; what drives me to the finish line and this same passion is what will push you to invest in yourself. What exactly does this mean though? It’s simple and straightforward – invest in yourself because it’s a sure thing.

Every day you can better yourself to hedge your own bets, learn new skills and lean into pathways that better your understanding of how to succeed in life. If you want to invest in yourself to become a better leader, pick up a book and learn about leadership, then practice the teachings. If you desire to have better habits, invest in yourself by indulging in the things that will contribute to refining your respectable qualities. You quite literally are your most important source of wealth. If you really sit down and think about it, without your ability to listen, communicate and calculate you simply would not get anywhere.

From the day we are born we begin building skills of survival, but learning to recognize opportunities that allow you to invest in yourself turn your survival skills into skills allowing you to thrive. When I knew that I was going to start CorVive, I knew it would stretch my limits. However, I also knew the calling inside of me was too real to pass up; so I invested in myself, I bet on myself to answer the call to help others. To this day, I strive for ways to continue to build my skillset in a way that I can pass on to others. Whether they choose CorVive as a way to invest in themselves, or if they glean something in another way, I do my best to make a path possible for others to invest in themselves.

Do yourself a favor and find ways to invest in you. After all, it’s the most sound investment you can make.

Invest in Yourself
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CorVive Care’s Launch to Give Back

CorVive knows that there are certain causes that are close to your hearts.  CorVive announced that it will be launching a program to give back to communities, called CorVive Care’s.  CorVive was launched as a company that is grounded on the motto: Love, Serve, and Care.  Each month CorVive will establish terms and conditions that will incorporate the CorVive Care’s program.  The company will work closely with our winners to determine how best to serve your charitable group.  It may change monthly, but CorVive is dedicated to helping you help others in your area.

Just this past month the Oklahoma and Arkansas river bottom has been devastated with record breaking floods.  We have notified our top leaders in the state of Oklahoma, James and Mary West, COR 200’s,  that we will be sending products to help in that community, as well cash for them to distribute to families in that community who have been impacted by this disaster.

Everyone should have a reason and a why.  Stay updated as CorVive has proven to be an example of what it means to care for others.

Jeremy Fouts Saturday Call
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