One of the biggest enemies of our minds is indifference or in other words, lack of interest, concern, or sympathy. Jim Rohn, calls this particular trait drifting. 

We all know someone who we would call a drifter.  Floating by in life, going from here to there with no specific reason, no intended goal.  How do they get by in life? This is a question I have asked often, because I don’t really understand this mindset.  I have always been goal oriented, and wanted to do my best at whatever I was working at. Of course there are different things that maybe didn’t spark that curious interest to learn more, but I’ve always been interested in bettering myself and my family.   

Drifting, I feel, is a dangerous place to find yourself.  If you can’t write down specific workplace goals, financial savings goals, where and how you want to live….are you a drifter?  Sometimes, it may occur because you haven’t been truly pushed yet. What I mean, is that you haven’t had some life occurrence that makes you feel as though you need to take a hard look at what you’re either doing or not doing.  This of course changes as we grow and mature. Have you found what excites you and makes you smile? Are you relying on others to make sure you’re taken care of? You can change this mindset, but it will take a concentrated daily effort.  And when you do decide to take action against being a drifter, you will feel so much better about yourself. Others will notice and that is when you will finally start to see the future possibilities present itself. Become a difference maker in your life and watch your world around you start to change and become the person you were meant to be. 

Jeremy Fouts Faith Over Fear