Growing in all Seasons of your Life

Growing up a farmer you learn the importance of seasons and how they affect your day to day life. In the spring you plan, in the summer you nurture and grow. In the fall you harvest and in the winter you reflect, refine and prepare to do it again. This is the magic equation that has worked for producers for years. Some years are lean, other years are overflowing with blessings of abundance…and so it goes with farming, so it goes with life.

Jeremy Fouts on why seasons are important

For everything there is a season. As it relates to the CorVive seasons, it follows very similar the path of the farmer. You have time to prepare, plant and sow, grow and weed, and finally harvest. We may all start at different points in our journey, but if we commit to staying true to our harvest, it will come.

So many times in my life I have considered, maybe I’ll just skip the weeding during the summer because that’s the hard part, but deep down I also know that is also when my harvest is growing at its max. And so often it is easy to get down on ourselves when our harvest isn’t what we planned, but if we don’t experience the lows of life it becomes very hard to appreciate the highs.

Many of you might be familiar with that person who seems to be in a perpetual successful harvest, and they are just as grumpy as the person that has struggled to put in the sweat and tears of every season. Even the most successful person must experience the low to enjoy the high. Please never forget, if you stick to your personal plan of development you will experience the high of fulfilling your dream and it will be worth every seed you have sown, every soul you have touched, every person you have served, and every individual you have loved.

So cut yourself some slack as you go through the seasons, stay true to the lessons and the reward will come. Keep your chin up and surround yourself with people who will help you keep your chin up on the days that it is hard to do it alone. Positivity pays off.

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Seasons of life