One of our favorite Jeremy Fouts’ brainchild of 2020 The CorVive Transformation League.
01.01.2021—This magical date represents the most important date of 2021…why you ask? Because this is, the first day of 2021 and it is the day that CorVive will launch the third installment of its extraordinarily successful fitness program The CorVive Transformation League, A.K.A. The CTL.
2020 saw thousands of participants shed thousands of pounds and inches. Not only did folks lose weight, everyone set different goals and achieved remarkable milestones. Some individuals decided to gain lean muscle and some decided to embark on working out for the first time. It was amazing how people saw their goals come to fruition in just a quick 45-days. So what can we expect from the CTL 3.0? A whole heck of a lot.
Jeremy and Candice Fouts wanted to simplify the fun.
Most of those familiar with CorVive understand that the company’s main goal is to love, serve, and care, but an additional goal that’s just as important is to have fun! The CTL was developed out of a need to bring a little levity to the year 2020. The CTL teams created a unique blend of camaraderie, competition, and most of all, success. This platform saw participants go the extra mile.
The secret sauce of Jeremy’s CTL program
Going into the CTL, Jeremy had an idea, a state of mind that he knew would benefit everyone participating in the CTL. A deep commitment to a team. Jeremy remembered what it was like to never want to let your team down. It’s easy to let yourself down, but you would do anything in your power to never let your team down; and that is one of the core principles that added to the fun and success of the CTL—no one was willing to let their team down. This meant that CTL team members would go for a run in the middle of the night after a long workday, or some would rise and shine an hour early to get a workout in. Across the board people had a blast, and along with the fun came an extra commitment to help your team succeed.
Don’t miss your chance to reach your goals is 45-days
As the start of the year approaches, don’t miss your chance to be part of the most effective fitness program of the year. Set your goals and then have a blast reaching them. Let your team help you achieve your healthy ambitions. We’ve all had a heck of a year in 2020. We are ready to make 2021 memorable for all the right reasons. CorVive will commit to bringing you the most effective products on the market and to support you and your tribe in any way possible. Oh and we didn’t even mention the rewards!!! Go to to sign up and check out the amazing prizes that CorVive is ready to give away!
Jeremy Fouts Faith Over Fear