Benefits of a cold shower.
Who knew all the benefits of cold showers? Although both hot and cold showers have their place in a well-rounded health regimen, the benefits of a cold shower will amaze you. Experts have touted the positive benefits for super charging your immune system, helping increase circulation, and even soothing skin irritations. The list of health benefits are endless. But the benefit that I feel is most important is the mental strength that cold showers can bring to you consistently.
Growing up in my house, if you were the last to the shower, often you got the unsavory last blast of luke warm water that quickly turned cold. Little did I know this daily dose of invigoration could do wonders for my resilience if I channeled my focus. Now by choice, I use a cold shower to set the mood for the rest of my day. Your will power is the most important power that you control and committing yourself to a cold shower daily will prove to you that if you can tackle this, you can tackle anything.
Try it for yourself, power through, and see what a cold shower will do for not just your physical health but also your mental fortitude.
Jeremy Fouts Faith Over Fear