CorVive knows that there are certain causes that are close to your hearts.  CorVive announced that it will be launching a program to give back to communities, called CorVive Care’s.  CorVive was launched as a company that is grounded on the motto: Love, Serve, and Care.  Each month CorVive will establish terms and conditions that will incorporate the CorVive Care’s program.  The company will work closely with our winners to determine how best to serve your charitable group.  It may change monthly, but CorVive is dedicated to helping you help others in your area.

Just this past month the Oklahoma and Arkansas river bottom has been devastated with record breaking floods.  We have notified our top leaders in the state of Oklahoma, James and Mary West, COR 200’s,  that we will be sending products to help in that community, as well cash for them to distribute to families in that community who have been impacted by this disaster.

Everyone should have a reason and a why.  Stay updated as CorVive has proven to be an example of what it means to care for others.

Jeremy Fouts Saturday Call