Jeremy Fouts – Maturing Teams
There will come a time when we will have teams that have to do their own things at events, elements will be less intimate and we will be compelled to do things on a larger stage. However, it will always be my goal to make as many personal connections as I can. The best times are always between the flashes; in the product store; behind the scenes; passing on the elevator. This is when I truly love to get a vibe for who you are as a person and celebrate you in those smaller moments that often mean more. And the biggest reason for hosting these events on a regular basis is to make sure we stay connected, we stay grounded, we stay CorVive.
Leaders are cultivated and created at events, whether you joined CorVive today or last year. Events are where you sharpen your tool set, learn from others and experience the true meaning of elevating your success to the next level.
I challenge each of you to not just be at the event, but to also bring a guest…either way we would love to see you. The best way for you to grow is to see the light in the eyes of a new person who is catching the feels and realizing everything they have been taught begins to coalesce at the event. This IGNITES them. It lets them see beyond the everyday happenings to realize that they have joined an amazing company at the perfect time. A ground floor opportunity with upside like nothing I have ever been a part of. CorVive’s anniversary is in May and I can’t believe how time has flown…but I also can’t believe how much ground we have covered in this short amount of time. On every turn we have decided to not take shortcuts because what is best for the CorVive family always comes first.
Jeremy Fouts — Serve others by helping them attend events.
So as we come into this next month, realize there is much to celebrate. We are shaking off some difficult things as a nation, it finally seems like we are breaking through a storm cloud and are finally seeing rays of sunlight. I want you to all do yourself a favor and plan on being at the next event. We have worked tirelessly for the last six months to solidify your future. While many companies have come and gone in the short time that CorVive has been around, we have done just the opposite, we have met challenges directly and have not backed down.
Join us as we fill you in on all we have been developing over the last year and let us fill you with the joy of being in the right place at the right time. May 7, 2022 should be on your calendar, blocked out, and ready to head to the next level…and you should plan to help as many folks as possible experience the service we are ready to share with them, one that will catapult them right to the next rank they deserve.
Cheers! See you in May.
Cor Power
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Covering the Keys to CorVive’s Success

CorVive was founded on principles that were intentionally targeted to lift people’s spirits and give hope by finding ways to serve, and in this blog I  will be covering the keys to CorVive’s success. Do we have incredible products? Yes. Do we have an amazing path to earn? Yes. Do we have an experienced team? Yes. Do we have incredible field leadership? Yes. I could go on but the one thing that we really have is a lifestyle message that offers hope to all; and sometimes hope is all we need. I could have stayed high on a mountain kicking back on my ranch, but something stirred within me, a feeling that I recognized and a feeling that I couldn’t turn my back on; and I am so glad that I answered the call.
The more I see lives change, the more I understand why CorVive is needed: to create purpose for all those that desire deeper connection with their life’s purpose. I would encourage all of you to continue to love, serve and care. Share the CorVive message with haste. Give yourself grace, to make mistakes, to learn to grow and to become the best version of you. Ultimately, you will realize when you are in the business of serving your fellow man, everything else in life will fall into place. For now, that is all for covering the keys to CorVive’s Success.
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CorVive’s CBD Balm

One of the most impactful products to enter into the exclusive CorVive product line is Cor Immune. This specialty product is a synergistic blend combining vitamins, minerals and herbs to help optimize our immune system.
Next up on this exclusive line is CorVive’s CBD balm. Your skin, sore muscles and aching joints will thank you for using this topical salve that also contains key essential oils. The list of benefits that this unique balm offers are far too many to list; but suffice it to say that everyone from kids to grandparents love the soothing effects.
Each CBD jar you buy will have a QR code that will navigate you to facts about production so you know that each jar meets your highest expectations. You have to try it to believe it. (Sidenote: CorVives CBD Balm does not contain THC.)
Jeremy Fouts Faith Over Fear
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CorVive’s Product Line

Getting in the groove with CorVive’s simple product line
One of the best things about CorVive is the ease of use. The products have been formulated to be used synergistically together; while customizable to suit each individuals needs. CorVive went the extra mile to ensure that the products are of the highest quality. We always want you to feel comfortable knowing that you are getting the cleanest, safest, most effective nutritional supplements out there. Here are a few hints to kick things off right.
What are the COR products of CorVive?
Cor Renew, Cor Bolic, and Cor Power make up your 3-core products. The simplest way to use these products and to make sure they are working for your body is by making sure you have a plan in place to consistently take products.
-Keep a glass of water by your bed along with your Cor Renew and CorBolic
-Take these two capsule as soon as you wakeup and are ready to face the day
-Take steps to prep your Cor Power shake before you go to bed, so that when you’re ready for breakfast all you have to do is grab your shaker cup and go.
What are the key maximizers of CorVive?
Most people like to include NRG or XLR8 into their morning routine. This is where the flexibility and safety of CorVive’s product line is unique. You can customize how you supplement.
If you need a little more pick-me-up in the morning without the jitters mix yourself a delicious Cor NRG + Focus.
Many of you follow a keto regimen, we are happy to report our XLR8 is the best there is when it comes to keto supplements. Use this for a longer sustained energy boost especially if you’re planning on hitting the gym hard, going for a long run, or for you busy moms just keeping revived for the next thing headed your way!
H2O is key
A key step in daily product use is proper hydration. We recommend 8 ounces of water 8 times a day. If you want to step up your transformation routine, use our highly efficient Cor HYDR8 product to keep your body at peak hydration.
Stay tuned for tomorrow  when we dive into some of the major complimentary yet simple products for everything to keep sleeping easy and your immune system charged.
Jeremy Fouts Faith Over Fear
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Week 2: Mental Toughness

When it comes down to being at the top of your game, many think that it’s your physical fortitude that makes or breaks the pinnacle of your health endeavors; however you must never forget the enormous role that your mental health contributes to your overall success in all of life’s activities.
Your mind plays a critical part in achieving your physical best and more often than not, it is the mental game that is vital to surmounting your body’s natural stopping points. Study after study illustrates that mental fortitude determines how far you will go when developing physical stamina, not to mention a list of other attributes that go hand in hand, ranging from leadership capacity to mood and behavior. You have regularly heard the phrase ‘go the extra mile’, which is not just a figure of speech. Having the willpower to actually go the extra mile is the mindset needed to push your physical limits, using your mental strength to push through barriers allowing you to accomplish your goals both physically and mentally. So, the next time you’re ready to throw in the towel before the finish line, reach deep down mentally and go the ‘extra mile’: this will allow you to set personal bests, accomplish physical goals, and grow mentally with a focus on well-rounded, ultimate success.
Jeremy Fouts Faith Over Fear
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Week 1: Cold Shower

Benefits of a cold shower.
Who knew all the benefits of cold showers? Although both hot and cold showers have their place in a well-rounded health regimen, the benefits of a cold shower will amaze you. Experts have touted the positive benefits for super charging your immune system, helping increase circulation, and even soothing skin irritations. The list of health benefits are endless. But the benefit that I feel is most important is the mental strength that cold showers can bring to you consistently.
Growing up in my house, if you were the last to the shower, often you got the unsavory last blast of luke warm water that quickly turned cold. Little did I know this daily dose of invigoration could do wonders for my resilience if I channeled my focus. Now by choice, I use a cold shower to set the mood for the rest of my day. Your will power is the most important power that you control and committing yourself to a cold shower daily will prove to you that if you can tackle this, you can tackle anything.
Try it for yourself, power through, and see what a cold shower will do for not just your physical health but also your mental fortitude.
Jeremy Fouts Faith Over Fear
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Goal Setting

Keeping pace in the New Year with CorVive Founder Jeremy Fouts
Goals are a crucial part of making a plan come to life. I encourage you all to have long term, midterm, and short-term goals. Half of the battle is writing your goals down so you have a physical and mental connection to bringing them to life.
Your business will always have ups and downs, it’s the nature of all business. As long as you are filling your pipeline you will see an ultimate upward trend, year over year. By filling the pipeline I am referring to creating a log of folks that you feel can benefit from something like CorVive. Even though you may not get everyone through to the other side, there will always be a few who say yes and will run with you. The goal is to convert your pipeline into a handful of fresh faces, with good attitudes and big dreams.
Jeremy’s realistic goal setting challenge
I see long-range goals being about 5 years out, midrange goals 2.5 years away and short-term goals are 1-year goals. From there you can get a little more detailed, each daily goal cascades to weekly goals, and then into monthly goals and so on. By keeping your eye on these daily accomplishments you will find yourself organizing your life to fit in the things that are important, allowing you to further advance and those you care about to a place of realization.
Plan on winning at least once daily. Set yourself up for a win. Even though there will be ups and downs you will find confidence by continually working your way toward a win. And along with that comes a why. Never forget your reason for setting goals. Whether it be your faith, family, or fun, your why needs to drive you to attain your goals daily. Be in love with your ‘why’, it will pull you through all of the highs and lows.
CorVive events
And finally, events are a real vehicle to set yourself up for long-term success. It’s the difference between watching a movie on your phone with no sound to suddenly sitting in an IMAX theater. The success stories, the real people who are ready to help you get going, and the ability to judge for yourself the character of something that is truly life changing. Welcome to the New Year, the future for CorVive is bright and I am thrilled you are part of it. See you soon!
Jeremy Fouts Faith Over Fear
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Final Thoughts of the CTL in 2020

One of our favorite Jeremy Fouts’ brainchild of 2020 The CorVive Transformation League.
01.01.2021—This magical date represents the most important date of 2021…why you ask? Because this is, the first day of 2021 and it is the day that CorVive will launch the third installment of its extraordinarily successful fitness program The CorVive Transformation League, A.K.A. The CTL.
2020 saw thousands of participants shed thousands of pounds and inches. Not only did folks lose weight, everyone set different goals and achieved remarkable milestones. Some individuals decided to gain lean muscle and some decided to embark on working out for the first time. It was amazing how people saw their goals come to fruition in just a quick 45-days. So what can we expect from the CTL 3.0? A whole heck of a lot.
Jeremy and Candice Fouts wanted to simplify the fun.
Most of those familiar with CorVive understand that the company’s main goal is to love, serve, and care, but an additional goal that’s just as important is to have fun! The CTL was developed out of a need to bring a little levity to the year 2020. The CTL teams created a unique blend of camaraderie, competition, and most of all, success. This platform saw participants go the extra mile.
The secret sauce of Jeremy’s CTL program
Going into the CTL, Jeremy had an idea, a state of mind that he knew would benefit everyone participating in the CTL. A deep commitment to a team. Jeremy remembered what it was like to never want to let your team down. It’s easy to let yourself down, but you would do anything in your power to never let your team down; and that is one of the core principles that added to the fun and success of the CTL—no one was willing to let their team down. This meant that CTL team members would go for a run in the middle of the night after a long workday, or some would rise and shine an hour early to get a workout in. Across the board people had a blast, and along with the fun came an extra commitment to help your team succeed.
Don’t miss your chance to reach your goals is 45-days
As the start of the year approaches, don’t miss your chance to be part of the most effective fitness program of the year. Set your goals and then have a blast reaching them. Let your team help you achieve your healthy ambitions. We’ve all had a heck of a year in 2020. We are ready to make 2021 memorable for all the right reasons. CorVive will commit to bringing you the most effective products on the market and to support you and your tribe in any way possible. Oh and we didn’t even mention the rewards!!! Go to to sign up and check out the amazing prizes that CorVive is ready to give away!
Jeremy Fouts Faith Over Fear
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Fresh New Design

Here at CorVive, we are always looking for ways to improve our customer’s experience. We are constantly improving our processes and products to create the best possible path to physical and financial health for our customers and endorsers.
With these advancements, we are proud to announce a new look, feel, and function for It comes with the opportunity to focus on product education, ease of purchase, upcoming events, and an opportunity to focus on necessary recognition points. As a young company, we remain committed to bringing fresh, fun, and effective ways to ease your daily regimen. Head over to to learn more about who we are.
Stay tuned for a number of new initiatives as we head into 2021! We are excited for all of the good tidings that will accompany the CorVive message. As a company on the rise, now is the time to get out and tell the story of CorVive, as we continue to celebrate this groundbreaking opportunity. We invite everyone to join us for what is and will continue to be an incredible journey.
Jeremy Fouts Faith Over Fear
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New Website!!

CorVive is committed to bringing to you the best platforms for success, and today proves to be one of those amazing opportunities where we unveil the shiny-new, website. This is your go-to location to learn more about CorVive’s founder and his mission to love, serve, and care for others. Head over to to test-drive this website.
If you want a look behind the scenes of CorVive leadership look no further than The all-access website for topics ranging from leadership development to positive and motivational messages and blogs. Head over to for a more in-depth look at this amazing man’s life.
Jeremy Fouts Faith Over Fear
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