We have all experienced it, that feeling of uncertainty, especially in the form of self-doubt. As we grow as leaders, how we overcome doubt is one of the most fundamental truths that I want everyone to experience. It is natural to not believe everything we hear, see or read as we were made to be truth seekers and ask questions.  However, it’s when we allow uncertainty to take over our decision-making processes that it becomes an issue. Life would be so easy if we always knew the outcome of our actions, but there would be no risk, which yields no reward. It would be a humdrum way of living to never experience the satisfaction of growth, development, and progress. 

We all have struggles in life that can lead us down a road of doubt. It can be especially daunting to go through a losing streak and be left with the inner fear of not knowing what to do next. This is where you can begin to look at the path of growth and development to project your breakthrough. To overcome the hurdle of doubt and remind yourself that your next move can be the most rewarding move of your life. 

I love being around optimistic people.  These are the people who fight inner struggles daily, and realize the importance of continuing to look up and towards the future. The most interesting, influential, and inspiring people I know are those that face doubt every day, stare it down with determination and keep traveling their road.  It all goes back to choice. Can you bet on yourself every day? Overcoming the doubt, you might feel inside is an exercise that might require some practice. Eventually you will be able to identify those feelings of doubt that can creep in and what the source of those doubts really are. You would be surprised to find out how many people would bet on you, so it is worth betting on yourself and overcoming yourself each day.  

Jeremy Fouts Faith Over Fear
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Fouts Fishing Trip

“Pray for eyes that see the best, a heart that forgives the worst, a mind that forgets the bad and never loses faith.”-Jeremy Fouts, CorVive Founder 

Small and simple realizations.   

It is amazing what small attitude adjustments in your daily life will do for your overall well being and your ability to love, serve and care for others.   


One thing I have tried to do in life is to never try to change people; just love them. Love is what changes people along with having the power to change all of us. 


The most important persuasion tool you have in your entire arsenal is integrity.  People are tired of all the indecisiveness.  They want to know you stand for something and that you’re an honest person who can admit when you’re wrong.   

Personal Productivity. 

Use your time and energy for accomplishing things important to you, your family and others around you. Make a daily plan, a weekly plan and monthly plan.  Most importantly write them down and assess them daily.  This allows you to prioritize, stay on track and stay accountable.  Along with the written you must show daily action.  Not everyday will go as you want, but without any daily action there will be no progression. 


The great compromises we make in our lives are not like in the movies, centered around huge vexing life decisions. No, the great compromises in your life usually come when you’re too busy to pay attention. It was the small things that accumulated in the ultimate betrayal of true character. The harder we work on noticing the small moments each day, help us become more aware of our actions, not just our hopeful intentions. This also helps us to see when our actions are bullish and self centered and to make the needed personal corrections and rise above it. Decide to live a different kind of life, more centered, aware, loving, true, kind and bold. 

Final Thoughts. 

“Instead of cringing at character regrets–we shall say I forged it, intentionally, joyously, lovingly, day-by-day, moment-by-moment.  Let us release the old excuses, and take the high road building our ideal selves.  

 #WeAreAllInThisTogether #ForgiveAndRiseAbove #LoveIsAllWeNeed #CorViveFounderJeremyFouts 

Jeremy Fouts Faith Over Fear
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What is more impactful, making a wrong decision or never making a decision at all? 

Everyone has opportunities that come to him or her throughout their lives. You witness them, recognize them, and decide whether or not you’re going to act on those opportunities. When you spend your life unable to make a decision regarding opportunities that come your way you can become stranded on an island of your own making.  

Not making a decision, can be worse than making a wrong decision. Looking back at past decisions where I chose wrong, helps to educate me for decisions I will make in the future. It was all of my decisions, good and bad, and everything in-between that combined to bring me to where I am now. The only thing scarier to me than making a wrong decision is to not make a decision at all. Standing on an island of indecision and not making any headway is a terrifying way to live your life. 

We are not always going to make the right decision. However, deciding to make a choice, even the wrong one, builds your character. Those decisions decide your fate, and ultimately your destiny. 

Candice and I have always made it a personal undertaking to never stop learning and growing as leaders. We keep a log of  personal development books that we are reading, as well as a balanced record of what weaknesses we would like to turn into strengths. With these goals in mind we are able to keep charted on a path that helps  us to make informed decisions. Education is something that can help lend confidence when life throws choices your way. When we have learned something new that allows us to get out of our comfort zones and to explore new opportunities; that is what life is all about! 

Jeremy Fouts Faith Over Fear
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Of all the sentiments, mindsets, emotions that can encumber us are fear. It can also be the emotion that is most destructive to our happiness and life. I often hear individuals categorize fear as either their biggest driver or obstacle.  The power that people allow fear to have over them is overwhelming, but the true tragedy is in the fact that fear is an emotion that we can have the most control over. 

In general, fear is an irrational belief that something scary or dangerous is going to happen. The real damage done is allowing this feeling to paralyze you and control your decisions. It is okay to have fear, we all do, but we must not allow that fear to create our reality.  

One of the exercises I find that helps me, is to tackle the situation head on.  None of us like to, but facing fear allows us to take action which in turn allows us to realize we didn’t die.  It helps bolster our confidence and keeps us from paralyzation: of our mind, actions and even relationships. 

Another exercise I have learned is the ability to not allow others fear to affect me.  That is called guarding the mind. Many times it is our closest relationships that we need to monitor.  Ask yourself, are you really concerned, or is it the fear of others that is causing your concern. Fear keeps us focused on the past  and worried about the future. No matter the situation you’re in right now remember; nothing lasts forever, they can’t eat you and you can push through fears to find real purpose and reason. I challenge you now, to face those daily fears that have continued to hold you back from your real potential and live your best life. 

Jeremy Fouts Faith Over Fear
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The Power Of Our Body – Cor Immune

Immune System

Did you know that one of the most powerful systems in our body is our immune system?  It is a complex system of organs, tissues and cells that is designed to prevent and limit infection in our body on a daily basis.  I have learned over time, that even though I try to make good eating choices, perform daily physical activity, and get adequate sleep, I typically don’t achieve it all.  Most of us don’t, even when we really try, which is why supplementation has become more and more important. 

If you’re like me, I take daily supplements to help support my physical energy, my mental focus, and I utilize protein powder just to name a few.  However, I don’t typically take what would be categorized as immune support.  After moving back to the city from the fresh mountain air of Western Colorado, I quickly figured out that my immune system wasn’t up for all the city had to offer.  My wife and I joked about having lived the last 4 years in a bubble, and realized now how many different people, etc….that we are now in daily contact with. 

This got my brain to thinking…. should I be taking an immune support supplement?  After reading and researching about the immune system in general, it’s a pretty amazing piece of machinery that we can’t function without.  I realized if I truly value my general health than this is an area that I needed to be more diligent in.  Based on supported research of time-tested vitamins, as well as herbal plants and fruits, the CorVive team and I decided that we needed to provide not only our families with an immune supporting supplement, but our trusted endorsers and customers as well.  Cor Immune is a seasonal product that I know many of us have been looking for and I’m excited that we are now able to bring it to our CorVive family.   


Jeremy Fouts Faith Over Fear
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For each of us, the word Stronger may be singular or multiple. 

What immediately pops into your mind when you hear this word?  Is it a physical image, or your mind (set)?  For each of us, the word Stronger may be singular or multiple. 
Personally, the word stronger for me is a physical, mental combination. As a husband, father and company leader, I have found that I need and have to be strong in both areas to be able to perform to my best abilities.  I love to push my body.  It provides me with much needed stress relief.  The ways that I push my body changes according to my life.  For the last four years, when living in Western Colorado that involved the labors of the ranch.  Building fences, cleaning irrigation ditches, and feeding the cattle.  Now, we’re back in the city.  I’ve taken up riding a bike, which I haven’t done since I was 10.  I’ve gotten back into the gym and using weights.  All of these activities help me to keep my body strong.  Even more important, is keeping my mind strong as well.

The mind is an amazing tool and piece of machinery!

The mind is an amazing tool and piece of machinery.  As with all machines and tools, they need to be serviced and taken care of. Every day I read.  This action alone helps me to focus, plan and execute.  This is a way that I am singularly able to help myself.  I personally focus on authors  that help me to challenge how I think and how I develop my skill set as a leader.  When I bike or run, I use that time to listen to audiobooks or podcasts. Part of keeping your mind strong is also protecting it from going dark.  We all have our trigger points, and knowing those triggers will help us in our thought patterns and keep us from the self destructive behavior of negative thoughts about self.
I have found when I am strong in both areas, I am better with my relationships and I am more effective as a leader.  I encourage you today to take action with your “strong”.  Start by making small daily goals that will help lead you to even stronger goals, both physically and mentally.

Jeremy Fouts

Jeremy Fouts Stronger
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The Benefits of a Positive Attitude

Attitude, it’s something only we control   

 According to, the following is their definition of attitude:  a complex mental state involving beliefs and feelings and values and dispositions to act in certain ways. Attitude, it’s something only we control. Unfortunately, many times we allow others attitudes or external situations to influence ours.  To be successful at any endeavor, attitude is something that must be conquered and protected. Examples of how our attitude determines outcomes in our lives are found all around us; at home, in school settings, at our jobs. It has been demonstrated time and again that success is determined by attitude.  Any leader in an organization that has promoted an employee will almost always indicate it was their attitude that helped them secure their advancement.    

People are watching  

People, including children, are always watching you. Did you realize that people make their decisions of whether or not they like you because of your attitude? How they will speak to you and if they decide to have a relationship with you is all based on how you project your attitude. It is incredible that just by having a good attitude you can influence people. Think about it for a second, remember back to when you dealt with someone that had a poor attitude, it’s like biting into a raw lemon by just remembering it.  You would do almost anything to not have further interaction with them; a negative attitude is a turn off. But a positive attitude is an attractant and a leadership attribute that helps you to have a positive influence over others. 

Every moment of the day we get to determine our mindset. Deciding whether we have a positive or negative attitude will immediately influence your world.  Push your mind to always find ways to maintain a positive attitude because this ability will allow you to always arrive at a positive place, automatically dispelling negativity out of our circle of influence. 

Jeremy Fouts

Jeremy Fouts Benefits of a Positive Attitude
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Faith Over Fear

Currently, we have all experienced a sense of being overwhelmed and confused with everything we’re hearing and seeing daily.  It’s easy to let not only our fear and panic take over our thoughts and how we live, but others as well. I encourage you always to stand strong in your personal faith and seek out positive influence.  Who you listen to, people you work with, friends you spend time with all end up influencing your thoughts and actions. Now, more than ever, we need to take account of who feeds us and who depletes us.

Choices, we make these every day.  We choose our attitude for the day.  We choose our work ethic for the day.  What we choose and how we do it, goes on and on.  I ask you, are your daily choices out of fear, panic, confusion?  Or are your daily choices based on optimizing the opportunities around you, seeking truth and balance, being a ray light?  Yes, we are in uncertain times and new territory, but that doesn’t mean you have to buy into the chaos. You can and have the right to choose the calm. 

“I encourage you to find respected authors who have proven themselves in their area of expertise.” – Jeremy Fouts

I also encourage you to build your relationships, get outside and enjoy the fresh air. A strong mind is followed by having a strong body.  They need each other and they don’t work without each other. Now is a great time to learn how to become more adaptable, find new ways to stretch yourself and most importantly grow from positivity.

Looking Back

I look back at times in my life when I could have been crippled by fear, times when a harvest never came in, times when money dried up, moments when I faced opponents that were bigger, faster, stronger…but it was my choice in those times to either show up and have faith or retreat in fear. It’s during these times that we are able to learn new processes, conquer our fears and become stronger.  These are the moments where we are able to build and refine our character as well as learn how to work with and help others.

Unfortunately, we can’t look into the future to warn ourselves of what to do or how to react.  But we can help our future selves by learning from our past. We can learn how to keep fear and panic in check.  Knowing who in our lives thrive off of fear and panic and keeping them at a distance. Learning how to calm our mind and evaluate before we react. 

I encourage us all, to keep living fearlessly!

Jeremy Fouts

Jeremy Fouts Faith Over Fear
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CorVive Everything You Need to Know

CorVive Company Foundation

CorVive is An Elite Wellness Company Designed With You In Mind 

With over 60 years combined experience in the health and wellness industry, CorVive’s vision was to create a company, brand and product line that addressed the shortcomings of the industry. Our commitment to safe, clean, scientifically proven ingredients served as the foundation for developing the ACH13VE product line. By offering clean and innovative products at an affordable price, CorVive is a mission-driven company that is proud to make clean living accessible to all. 

With safe and effective manufacturing, our life-changing products are the foundation to the ACH13ve Transformation commitment. Achieve more for your life with CorVive.

CorVive Mission/Purpose

Positively Impact our Communities Through the Core Principles of Love, Serve, and Care. 

At CorVive, we aim to provide you the full toolkit for success, that is built upon a foundation of safe, clean nutrition. Our tried and true process is backed by scientific studies and proven results, with a relentless goal to improve the health and finances of millions of Americans. Coupling the ACH13VE Transformation lifestyle program with CorVive’s unparalleled product line is the key to unlocking your personal growth while rapidly and sustainably scaling your business. When you think about how this big picture scale strategy can help fast-track your growth on every level, it’s incredible how you can create new revenue streams for your business while helping to positively transform the lives of those you love through CorVive.

Jeremy Fouts Mission

CorVive Products

Intelligent, Elite Formulations Designed for All Types of Healthy Lifestyles.  

Accredited experts from the top of their fields have partnered with CorVive from the beginning to help develop the trusted CorVive formulas our leaders love. We handpick everything from the raw ingredients we use, to the suppliers and manufacturers that fuel our supply chain. It has always been a promise and priority from the CorVive founders that every product will meet the highest standards for quality control, and will exceed expectations and meet the price points for CorVive Customers and Endorsers.

CorVive Products

The Core Products

COR RENEW™ Full Spectrum Cleansing

Health care providers have been advising that proper digestion is the secret to life. We listened and designed COR RENEW to perfect the way that the body should properly eliminate waste. Digestion is never a struggle and with the help of COR RENEW you will love the way that you feel from the very first time that you try this very safe and natural product.

SUGGESTED USE: Take 2 capsules daily as needed. Use only as directed.


COR RENEW™ Full Spectrum Cleansing


A unique metabolic enhancer designed to work synergistically with your body’s own unique chemistry for maximum effectiveness. This product is loaded with powerhouse natural ingredients that will help you start your day off right.  You will feel the increased energy kick start your life. Be sure to always carry enough COR BOLIC to share.

SUGGESTED USE: Take 2 capsules daily as needed.



COR POWER Grass-Fed Whey Protein

Everyone deserves clean, high quality protein to fuel their passions and elevate their performance. This shake mix is formulated with 22g of premium grass-fed protein. Whether you need a great-tasting snack to get you through the day, or a post-workout shake to fuel and support your recovery, COR POWER gives your muscles and body the nutrition you need!

Available in Chocolate and Vanilla Flavors.

SUGGESTED USE: Add one (1) scoop to 8-12oz of cold water.


COR POWER Grass-Fed Whey Protein


XLR8 Keto + Fuel: The Best of Functional Keto Beverages

XLR8 Your Energy Levels, performance and recovery times. Flooding your body with a renewed and refreshed zest for life, this premium product will be the first thing you reach for when you’re ready to rev your metabolism for an incredible charge of energy. Assisting your body on multiple levels to naturally provide a clear, focused, sustained energy enhancement without the crash.

SUGGESTED USE: Add one (1) stick pack to 8-12oz of cold water.


XLR8 Keto + Fuel: The Best of Functional Keto Beverages

NRG + FOCUS™ Energy Drink Mix

The energy you need to keep you focused and moving throughout your day. Designed to enhance mental clarity* as well as providing you with clean healthy energy, COR NRG supplement will fit your lifestyle whether you’re a busy mom looking for just a little edge or a high performance athlete looking to go to the next level, this is your ticket.

SUGGESTED USE: Add one (1) stick pack to 8-12oz of cold water.


NRG + FOCUS™ Energy Drink Mix

Complimentary Products

HYDR8 + ENDURANCE™ Highest Quality Hydration Beverage Available

HYDR8 is packed with incredible ingredients. This electrolyte-rich blend is just what you need to maintain optimal hydration. Proper hydration balance is essential for nerve, muscle and brain function.* With 3X the amount of electrolytes as the leading sports drinks, HYDR8 will help to replenish your body with what it needs for daily performance.

SUGGESTED USE: Add one (1) stick pack to 8-12oz of cold water.


HYDR8 + ENDURANCE™ Highest Quality Hydration Beverage Available

CBD BALM Liposomal Hemp Salve

Experience the power of nature in a soothing blend of botanicals including the fundamental component of Liposomal CBD Isolate. Our CORLIFE CBD Balm enriches the current Corvive product line by bringing you a transdermal salve to help relieve sore muscles and joint discomforts while calming the skin.

CBD BALM Liposomal Hemp Salve

The Driving Force Behind Why Jeremy and Candice Fouts Started CorVive

Having been on both the distributor side of two different direct sales companies, Jeremy knew in his heart it was time to branch out and create his own company. Not just starting a company for the sake of it, Jeremy wanted to create a direct sales company that combined the best of the best. It was a blueprint that took Jeremy some time to build, but the vision never faltered because he didn’t want to see anyone endure the same struggles that he encountered. He wanted to streamline an opportunity that leveled the playing field for everyone, with elements that everyone could benefit from when growing their business. 

Jeremy took the knowledge of insights and perspectives he had accumulated over the years and decided to build a world-class company from the ground up. A company that puts its people first.

The roadmap was simple: create world class nutritional products that are clean, safe and effective. It was about implementing a product line that contained no controversial ingredients, that were a pleasant addition to your everyday regimen and products that worked! The next phase was to create a compensation plan that was competitive and fair. And finally, to create a culture that people wanted to be a part of and a brand that people were proud to call their own. 

Having extensive experience in the industry, Jeremy had seen first hand what worked and what didn’t. He didn’t want to follow a set formula or the same script. That’s why he worked tirelessly to build the best compensation plan, equipped with affordable price points, creating an opportunity for anyone to make life-changing income. He had a desire to create a brand that was clean, fun, fresh and that was rooted in integrity. That is how CorVive was born—out of the desire that people deserve better. 

The name CorVive came from the prefix ‘core’. For years, Jeremy Fouts spoke on the importance of taking care of your core. It is integral for ensuring lifelong health. From internal to external health, making sure that your relationships are healthy and that you are promoting a healthy lifestyle across the spectrum of physical, mental, financial – are all topics that Jeremy spoke on for years. Of course, ‘Vive’ in French is to live life, or living life

Jeremy decided to combine these two components and came up with CorVive. It evolved from a name to a brand that became synonymous with health and really resonated with what the company’s narrative stands for. CorVive is internationally renowned, and a name that is universal, with a timeless imprint and global message. He wanted to build a company that not only helped with health and finances, but encouraged everyone to hold themselves accountable so that they can live life the way they want to live it. 

CorVive’s mission is to keep things simple and stick to the basics. A good, clean lifestyle works and serves as a great compass. One of the most exciting parts is to see people make changes in their lives that helps them feel good on the inside – and high-functioning on the outside.

Why Jeremy and Candice Fouts Started CorVive

Looking to the Future

Early on Jeremy told his boys and wife that CorVive isn’t about “us,” it is about helping as many people as we can achieve more for themselves and define what true happiness means to them in this lifetime. The beautiful thing about that is Jeremy’s entire family – both his boys and his wife – are on board 100%. Even his boys said, “Dad, if you can help other families enjoy what we have, you have all of our support.” 

CorVive will be known as the company that everyone wants to be a part of – not just for the financial benefits or the best products – but because the philosophy is helping people live their most evolved lives – and helping them define what they want success to mean. 

Candice and Jeremy wholeheartedly feel that they were called to start this business. They never wanted to be limited to how many people they can help, love and serve. Deep down they truly don’t want to leave this life without making a positive impact on as many people as they possibly can. 

Jeremy Fouts Family

About CorVive

Only the Best Products 

Jeremy sought out the best of the best when it comes to experts, ingredients, and origination. He formulated CorVive products with the highest quality raw ingredients, having no artificial ingredients at all. The products are a safe and effective tool to help complement and enhance a healthy, balanced diet.

Best Products of CorVive

A Compensation Plan with Something for Everyone

Considering Jeremy’s expertise when it comes to understanding and building compensation plans, it was only natural that CorVive’s plan would be the best in the industry. Combining multiple elements that allow individuals to participate at which ever level they prefer. Beyond just financial rewards, we want people to feel great about themselves, no matter where they are in life. CorVive welcomes all no matter race, color, or background. Come as you are – everyone is welcome! CorVive’s goal is to make a positive impact on everyone’s lives that it touches. Jeremy and his family are all part of this process so that as a family they can see the power of helping others achieve success – and help be a part of the change they want to see in this world.

Compensation Plan of CorVive

The Future of CorVive

The Fouts’ are just getting started. 

CorVive has all of the elements in place for this company to make history. They are doing things better and most of all, they are doing things right. The positive impact that Jeremy and Candice are having will require the industry as a whole to start adapting to keep up with the new standards CorVive is setting. Jeremy has made a commitment to his role as a mentor and to do all that he can to help others succeed. He realizes this responsibility and the impact we can make on everyone around us. 

Jeremy has long stated that he wants his legacy to be someone who was humble and someone who truly lived what he preached. By truly leading every day with a caring heart, helping those who need help, loving those that need love most, and staying true to his beliefs, Jeremy approaches everyday as a fresh canvas to lead by design. Jeremy may not be perfect, but his love for all, exemplifies his mission in life. Truly a leader with a mission and vision, CorVive is just the vehicle to take his message of serving and caring to the masses.

Jeremy Fouts, CorVive Founder and CEO, comes from Texas via Oklahoma. Having grown up on a row crop farm, Jeremy graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor’s of Science degree, along with a minor in Business Economics. Jeremy has spent over 15 years in the nutritional industry and has a proven track record of success. In his previous company, he built a sales organization of well over 100,000 distributors and helped thousands of families improve their health and finances. A true entrepreneur, Jeremy has always owned his own businesses. Through his business experience he has gained valuable skills in communication, vision, and execution. 

In May 2018 he founded CorVive on principles of serve, love and care, ensuring that CorVive was a company that was inclusive of all with a message that resonated with the masses. Having experience in both corporate roles and as a distributor, Jeremy has a complete understanding of what it takes to help families with their health and finances, making the CorVive brand an enticing opportunity. Jeremy Fouts and his wife Candice reside in Texas with their two sons.

Future of CorVive

Candice Fouts – Co-Founder

Candice Fouts, CorVive Founder, along with her husband Jeremy are the Co-Founders of CorVive. Candice comes from a diverse background that includes science through design. She graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Microbiology. After moving to Texas, the Fouts started a remodeling company and her passion for design took root. She has managed paint, trim and cabinetry teams for small and large residential and commercial properties. With CorVive, Candice brings together her science background for product education along with her design background in assisting the marketing team.

Candice Fouts

CorVive Business Model

CorVive welcomes everyone from all walks of life with open arms. There are a variety of ways to choose what level of involvement in CorVive suits you. If ordering elite wellness products is first on your list we have a very convenient customer program that can accommodate your needs. If you’re interested in sharing the CorVive products you may want to explore the path of a CorVive endorser; this route is loaded with fun perks and opportunities along the way, beyond just using and sharing CorVive products.


  • Free account for ordering CorVive products
  • Product discount of 25% for CorVive customers on a current product subscription
  • Rewards for customers include CorVive product gift cards just for buying and sharing CorVive products


  • Earn gift cards that can be used for multiple CorVive product incentives
  • Earn commission from customers and endorsers that you have shared CorVive with
  • Business management software available to assist you in marketing, tracking and growing your at home business
CorVive Business Model

CorVive Intelligence

As business functions adapt and change with the current and future needs, CorVive has preemptively built an intelligent way of doing business that manages to streamline all aspects of the CorVive experience.  

Cloud Based agility allows CorVive to scale and operate at a fraction of the corporate overhead most companies incur. This allows our team to focus where it matters, maintaining ultra fast response times and efficient problem solving capabilities. Less Overhead = Higher Distributor Payouts. While other companies are bogged down with management that is costly and inefficient, we are putting the money where it needs to be, back in our CorVive Endorser’s hands.

Investment returns to CorVive endorsers: CorVive endorsers have access to all of the corporate strategies and initiatives. Endorsers are often consulted before many corporate decisions are made.  CorVive strives to cultivate the endorser/corporate experience to be a smooth interaction based on transparency. 

Hands on leadership: Having a robust marketing/software system helps maximize time and effort spent by endorsers. Fast tracking them to become as successful as possible in as little time as possible.

Software: That includes the endorser virtual office (business center) and a mobile app, allowing the technology to do the heavy lifting.  This helps allow the endorsers to focus their energy and talent where it is most applicable. 

The newly renovated virtual office: This includes an educational and marketing interface that is second to none. By automating many business activities, endorsers are able to spend their time in the back office listening to business trainings, product education, experience testimonials, and more. Most importantly the inherent nature of this advanced technology keeps business operations happening automatically, ensuring that endorsers have more time to focus their strengths and helpfulness on others through the company’s philosophy of love, serve and care. 

CorVive Business Intelligence

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The Importance of Having Purpose and Reason

You have heard these words echoed many times… “What is your WHY?” Jeremy Fouts shares his thought this question often.  With the new year well under way, we thought now is a good time to dive into the importance of having a meaningful “why” in your life to help anchor you in good and bad times.

Jeremy Fouts shares a leadership message at the Corvive Reach event in Allen, TX

How would you describe a “why”?

A “why” can be best described as a main goal that drives you on a daily basis.  Your why, is the main goal and it is achieved by breaking it down to smaller goals or steps.  It becomes the fire in your belly, the tears you cry at night and the reason you are striving to become a better person.  

Every person’s why is different….for many it is in the form of financial freedom, that is achieved through a calculated plan of attack.  Others may come in the form of purchasing a home for the first time or a family vacation that you have only dreamed of thus far. There is no right or wrong, but YOU must make a decision of what that is and make a plan.

Your “why” is what will keep you going in the face of disappointment and frustration.  WHY is what moves YOU!

Jeremy Fouts shares how to find your “why”?

Finding your why can be a process.  It may require you to make lists of needs and wants and then further the process by prioritizing them.  If you are a visual person, a vision board may help you identify your why. Get your family and loved ones involved, listening to others input can help you see things in a different light.

In closing, here is a small excerpt Jeremy Fouts shares in numerous trainings, on realizing your why and how it contributes to everything from your long-term health to your overall satisfaction with life and success. 

Jeremy Fouts

“There was a time in my life when I wasn’t really sure what my why was and it was during those years I felt myself floundering.  Going from one job to the next, one goal to the next not sure where my life would take me. I grew up in a wonderful family, but in some ways there was a sense of survival from one day to the next. I never really had time to contemplate what my why was. I knew I had faith in God, I knew I cared for others, but I was just living day-by-day. Fast forward and I began to realize that one of my major “why’s” was sitting right beside me. Her name was Candice, she had always been my rock.  Upon contemplating my purpose she also became part of my why.  My why was completed after we were blessed with two amazing children. The three most important things in my life that combined to create my why were my sweet family: I cared so deeply for them. I didn’t know a love like that existed. Now this is the important part to remember, each of us have our own reason and purpose, we will all have different “why’s”. Don’t compare yourself or mimic someone else’s why, dig deep and figure out what will drive you forward when the world seems against you. What will push you to forge ahead when the going gets tough; really consider what is of the utmost importance to you and you will find your why.

Once I arrived at my why, I could start to visualize what I wanted my life to look like. I wanted to be a full time stay at home dad, cook my family breakfast in the morning, be there for every game, first date, first time strapping on skis, all of the firsts that come with understanding my why. And it gave me the motivation to really serve others and give the time and effort I needed to accomplish my goals that eventually granted me success. It hasn’t always been easy. There were days I wanted to quit. But I kept going because there was never a time that I couldn’t close my eyes and visualize my why, and because of that major purpose I forged ahead, no matter the storm. 

It is still the reason I do what I do today. I love to help people. I care deeply that people succeed in accomplishing their goals. It’s the reason many times I end up coaching individuals late into the wee hours of the morning. But once someone finds their why, there is no greater reward. I never tire of hearing the sound of someone’s voice when their why finally clicks.

No matter what else you do in life, no matter how far you have come, if you have not identified your why yet, please do it now.  You will thank yourself for the rest of your life. Your why will be directly linked to your success. And you deserve all the success in the world.”

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