Good. Good. Good.

I know there are some out there that can get overwhelmed by positivity, like it’s going to wear off on them and they are going to become a better person. You’ve heard them say it, “I’m going to go crazy if that person gets any happier.” Obviously I say that with a pinch of sarcasm, but it is true that there are some people that get stuck in “negative gear” and can’t shift their thoughts any other way—the world is out to get them everyday.
There is not a greater force on the planet than the power of positivity. Its ranges from how you treat people to how you approach every situation, finding the good in life always beats finding the bad. Sometimes it even happens when you look back on memories, even though everything in your life wasn’t perfect you have the ability to look back with fondness. However, there are those people that look back and still begrudgingly can only see the ugly of a situation. I feel for them. I had an employee that approached each day with this positive attitude, every day was “awesome.” How you doing today Brad*? “Awesome!” Brad, how is that project coming along? “Awesome.” To Brad everything was “awesome”. Living is awesome. Somewhere along the way in Brad’s life, he had learned the secret to life—The Power of Positivity. This is one of the most powerful ways to get the most out of your life and really make a change in the lives of others. Please, if you’re reading this find a way to find the power of positivity in your life, as it will shield you throughout your life whenever there is stormy weather.
We are always going to face things in life that aren’t easy, nothing is perfect. However, how we choose to react to different situations will influence how quickly we overcome these unpleasant challenges. More than that, we will have the ability to influence others to see how living in the light of positivity is a much better place to stand than wallowing in the dark waiting for someone to come rescue you, which by the way, is unlikely to happen.  So start each day off knowing you have a choice to choose positivity; because everything is good, good, good.
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As we all know life is full of stressors, from starting a new job, losing a job, getting married, moving, financial obligations, etc. etc. Don’t get me wrong, a little bit of stress can be okay and can even help us perform better. However, many of us tend to deal with an unhealthy level of stress. What many people don’t realize is how effective exercise can be in helping decrease our stress levels.  

What happens when we get stressed is our brain releases the natural-occurring chemical, cortisol. What “fights” the cortisol, if you will, are endorphins. Right now, you are probably wondering, “How does knowing this help me?” Well, it is because when we exercise endorphins are released into our brain, thus reducing stress levels, anxiety, tension, and even depression. If you have ever been stressed to the max and decided to go on a heart-pumping run, you probably know what I mean. 

Long-term effects of the primary stress hormone, cortisol, will eventually take a toll on your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, blood sugar, heart rate, heart, immune system, digestive system, and the list goes on. For centuries though, yogis and others have understood how proper breathing and physical activity can decrease our cortisol levels and create a calm for ourselves. 

So next time you’re stressed, instead of picking up a bad habit such as binge eating, binging on TV, sleeping too much or too little, or binge drinking, pick up your favorite physical activity and let your body do the work and recalibrate naturally! If you’re going to be stressed you might as well get fit! 

Jeremy Fouts Faith Over Fear
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Change – Jeremy Fouts

Change is constant
As we take the time to acknowledge the world around us, we can clearly see how things have been changing over the past few months. It seems as though 2020 has brought more change than many of us have experienced in a long time. Although these changes can seem intimidating, they will inevitably bring about good outcomes.
One thing I know to be a fact is that change is constant – it is something we can always count on. When faced with change we have two options; see the positive and roll with it or get caught up in the fear and negativity of it all. Oftentimes, I notice individuals tend to deal with the latter.
People tend to look over all the benefits change can bring about. The main benefit being personal growth. Anytime I have dealt with change, big or small, I always notice personal growth. However, the benefits don’t stop here – change also brings about new opportunities, new people, new environments, and fresh perspectives.
Many of us like to try and have everything figured out and be in perfect control of our lives, but the reality of it is, we can’t – no matter how hard we try. Change doesn’t care what our plans are or how in control we wish to be, it’s coming and it’s probably going to be beyond our control. Our mindset and how we view change will determine how we respond to it, and our response will be what makes or breaks us.
A quote I would like to leave you with is by Dan Millman. He said, “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”  I want to encourage you all to be present, embrace change, and then build upon it.
Jeremy Fouts Faith Over Fear
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The Power of Positivity

The Power of Positivity  

Every morning when we wake up, we are faced with a decision – are we going to have a good attitude and be positive or have a bad attitude and be negative? This seemingly simple decision has the power to have a significant effect on almost every area of our lives.  

Some benefits of being positive include having better overall health, a better ability to deal with stressors, being a happier person overall, helping you build skills and develop resources, becoming a better leader, opening your mind, and so on. Whereas being negative actually narrows your mind and thoughts. 

I want to be clear; being positive does not mean you become oblivious and ignore all of the tough situations surrounding you. It means that, when faced with one of these tough situations, you have a more positive way of looking at it. In turn, you are able to be resilient and face these situations headon and come out on top.  

What I have realized over the years is the first step in becoming more positive is being aware of how you talk to yourself. This may seem silly to some, but trust me, this is huge. We all have our internal dialogues and thought processes and, often, these are automatic.  

When you start to become aware of your internal dialogue, you will begin to realize if you tend to have positive or negative responses to situations. From here, you can begin to alter these thoughts. Meaning, if you have negative responses, they can eventually become automatically positive. 

For example, if you are faced with something new and automatically think, “This is new, I’ve never done it before, so I’m scared.” You can change this to “This is an opportunity to learn something new. I could actually be good at this.”  

 Another key is to find something positive in every situation – even if it seems to be a negative one. If you tried something and failed or made some small mistake, try to figure out an area you did well in, something you learned, or an opportunity you found in the situation.  

I want to encourage all of you to hone your ability to be positive. Once you accomplish this, almost every area of your life will change for the better. Not only this, but so will the lives of people around you because, as most of us know, attitudes are contagious 

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The Power of Gratitude

The Power of Gratitude

Have you ever had the type of day when it seemed as if the world was conspiring against you? It is those kind of days when it feels like it is impossible for anything to go right, like you’re playing a real life game of whack-a-mole, popping your problems on the head as they spring up. The day starts with a cold shower because today was the day your water heater died, followed by a quick breakfast of nothing because the last thing left in the kitchen was a wilting banana. You were welcomed to work by a boss who can’t seem to find the value in your work no matter how you try…you see the trend, things can go from bad to worse minute by minute. There is a secret here my friends, you have a superpower to solve your problems and it is called gratitude.

This little miracle action, gratitude, holds the key to local untold treasures of mental health. I promise you as you sulk around your life holding your head low, there is someone out there in the world that would gladly change places with you in the blink of an eye.  Gratitude is the choice we make to see our world from a perspective of joy, and with this power of choice we have the ability to affect ourselves and those around us in a very commanding way. For every stroke of bad luck there is an opposing act of good luck. We have all heard the statement, “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes”, but have we ever really given it a second thought? I would encourage you to really ponder that statement, really think about the mother who has just lost her son, the son who has just lost their father, or the father who has just lost his job. Not to sound like Debbie downer, but for everything challenging in life, there is always something even more disconcerting.

I challenge you to use your power of gratitude and cast off those bewildering negative feelings that take you to a place that is of no value in your life. For every negative thought, find the opposite thought and experience those feelings of gratitude. I would encourage you to practice something I do each morning and journal the things you are grateful for, from small to big and everything in between. Some days the list might be endless, other days the list might be shorter, but I promise you if you practice focusing on what you are grateful for you will find ultimate joy. We take so much for granted that it is easy to forget to be grateful, remember even the small things…the air we breathe, the people we love, the freedom we have to make a choice. You will quickly see that a short-lived cold shower is nothing but a thing of the past that helped you realize everything you love about your life.

Jeremy Fouts CorVive Founder

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Timidity by Jeremy Fouts

Awkward, shy, backward, introvert, there are a hundred different ways to describe the feelings of being timid. It is sometimes a painful experience for people to address the restrictions that come with being overly timid; ultimately robbing us of our opportunities in life to be bold and shine. 

Being timid may ultimately limit your leadership and life. However, a unique fact is that timidity is one of the most demonstrable traits that you can excel at and overcome. Each of us, with a little strength training, can defeat the feelings of timidity. It is literally like exercising, overcoming timidity is similar in establishing fitness goals and practicing until it’s a muscle. By doing this as often as we can, our limitations of timidity are quickly turned into strengths. 

Usually being timid comes with the fear of speaking to others, so how would you turn that into strength? Do your best to talk to everyone–practice talking, at the grocery store, at the gym, at sporting events, life is short who cares if someone rejects you, they won’t give a second thought so neither should you. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can overcome being timid. Don’t let being timid rob you of a lifetime of new friends, amazing opportunities, and unlimited rewards. We will never be able to be a blessing to someone else’s life or our own if we can’t reverse the negative side effects of timidity. 

It’s important that we allow ourselves to be brave and confident throughout our life, it allows us to thrive. When we operate within the constraints of timidity we sacrifice so many opportunities. Life changing positive benefits for all fall through the cracks when we are too timid to act. It is always my hope that you will see the greatness that is inside of you and harness that confidence to overcome timidity; it will serve you and others throughout your life, affording you the success that you deserve.

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Worry – Make a choice

We worry about our families, we worry about our world, and sometimes we end up worrying just to worry. It’s a dance we all end up doing more than we need to, mostly because being worried is a vast misuse of energies and time. You can only worry about those things you directly have control over. Our problems in life are all that we can directly influence and sometimes even these closely related troubles are still things that might be beyond our direct control. This is where worrying seriously deprives us of our ability to do good in the world. 

Everyday we can examine a worry and quickly decide if it is something our actions can have a direct impact on. If it’s something we can’t impact then we need to let this worry go and focus on what it is we can influence. One of the things I believe is an immediate remedy to worry is gratitude, service and hard work. These actions can swiftly help you combat the troubling spots in your life that can cause you to worry. 

Try it out. When you begin to experience anxiety that accompanies worry, quickly run through a gratitude checklist. It is amazing to see how worry can be dispelled by gratitude. Couple this exercise with service. When you begin to serve those people in your life that are worthy of your time and energy, you will soon realize that your problems are somewhat less significant. If you begin to replace worst case scenarios in your mind with those of service and gratitude it is almost impossible not to feel your worries ease. 

Worry is something that you will deal with daily, but it is critical that you balance worries and stress with meaningful attitude and service. Keep in mind there is a choice associated with worry. It is either something you can change or something that you cannot, recognize the difference and it will save yourself a lot of worry. 

Jeremy Fouts

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We have all experienced it, that feeling of uncertainty, especially in the form of self-doubt. As we grow as leaders, how we overcome doubt is one of the most fundamental truths that I want everyone to experience. It is natural to not believe everything we hear, see or read as we were made to be truth seekers and ask questions.  However, it’s when we allow uncertainty to take over our decision-making processes that it becomes an issue. Life would be so easy if we always knew the outcome of our actions, but there would be no risk, which yields no reward. It would be a humdrum way of living to never experience the satisfaction of growth, development, and progress. 

We all have struggles in life that can lead us down a road of doubt. It can be especially daunting to go through a losing streak and be left with the inner fear of not knowing what to do next. This is where you can begin to look at the path of growth and development to project your breakthrough. To overcome the hurdle of doubt and remind yourself that your next move can be the most rewarding move of your life. 

I love being around optimistic people.  These are the people who fight inner struggles daily, and realize the importance of continuing to look up and towards the future. The most interesting, influential, and inspiring people I know are those that face doubt every day, stare it down with determination and keep traveling their road.  It all goes back to choice. Can you bet on yourself every day? Overcoming the doubt, you might feel inside is an exercise that might require some practice. Eventually you will be able to identify those feelings of doubt that can creep in and what the source of those doubts really are. You would be surprised to find out how many people would bet on you, so it is worth betting on yourself and overcoming yourself each day.  

Jeremy Fouts Faith Over Fear
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Fouts Fishing Trip

“Pray for eyes that see the best, a heart that forgives the worst, a mind that forgets the bad and never loses faith.”-Jeremy Fouts, CorVive Founder 

Small and simple realizations.   

It is amazing what small attitude adjustments in your daily life will do for your overall well being and your ability to love, serve and care for others.   


One thing I have tried to do in life is to never try to change people; just love them. Love is what changes people along with having the power to change all of us. 


The most important persuasion tool you have in your entire arsenal is integrity.  People are tired of all the indecisiveness.  They want to know you stand for something and that you’re an honest person who can admit when you’re wrong.   

Personal Productivity. 

Use your time and energy for accomplishing things important to you, your family and others around you. Make a daily plan, a weekly plan and monthly plan.  Most importantly write them down and assess them daily.  This allows you to prioritize, stay on track and stay accountable.  Along with the written you must show daily action.  Not everyday will go as you want, but without any daily action there will be no progression. 


The great compromises we make in our lives are not like in the movies, centered around huge vexing life decisions. No, the great compromises in your life usually come when you’re too busy to pay attention. It was the small things that accumulated in the ultimate betrayal of true character. The harder we work on noticing the small moments each day, help us become more aware of our actions, not just our hopeful intentions. This also helps us to see when our actions are bullish and self centered and to make the needed personal corrections and rise above it. Decide to live a different kind of life, more centered, aware, loving, true, kind and bold. 

Final Thoughts. 

“Instead of cringing at character regrets–we shall say I forged it, intentionally, joyously, lovingly, day-by-day, moment-by-moment.  Let us release the old excuses, and take the high road building our ideal selves.  

 #WeAreAllInThisTogether #ForgiveAndRiseAbove #LoveIsAllWeNeed #CorViveFounderJeremyFouts 

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What is more impactful, making a wrong decision or never making a decision at all? 

Everyone has opportunities that come to him or her throughout their lives. You witness them, recognize them, and decide whether or not you’re going to act on those opportunities. When you spend your life unable to make a decision regarding opportunities that come your way you can become stranded on an island of your own making.  

Not making a decision, can be worse than making a wrong decision. Looking back at past decisions where I chose wrong, helps to educate me for decisions I will make in the future. It was all of my decisions, good and bad, and everything in-between that combined to bring me to where I am now. The only thing scarier to me than making a wrong decision is to not make a decision at all. Standing on an island of indecision and not making any headway is a terrifying way to live your life. 

We are not always going to make the right decision. However, deciding to make a choice, even the wrong one, builds your character. Those decisions decide your fate, and ultimately your destiny. 

Candice and I have always made it a personal undertaking to never stop learning and growing as leaders. We keep a log of  personal development books that we are reading, as well as a balanced record of what weaknesses we would like to turn into strengths. With these goals in mind we are able to keep charted on a path that helps  us to make informed decisions. Education is something that can help lend confidence when life throws choices your way. When we have learned something new that allows us to get out of our comfort zones and to explore new opportunities; that is what life is all about! 

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