About Jeremy Fouts

Early Life

Jeremy Fouts working on a combine tractor with his father and two boys on their farm in Spiro, OK.Jeremy Fouts grew up in a small agriculture town in Eastern Oklahoma. His parents raised him and his three brothers on a row crop farm, where they grew everything from soybeans to corn, and wheat. The area that Jeremy was raised in was a very close-knit agriculture community. His family being strong in their Christian faith, raised Jeremy and his brothers in church, where they attended three days each week. Jeremy’s parents helped each of their sons to develop a strong work ethic, as well as respect those around them and the land they worked. Fouts Farms was the first place Jeremy learned the power of thinking outside the box, a work till you “get it done” attitude and the pride of completing a job and doing it well.

As a teenager, Jeremy learned the importance of working as a team and started learning and refining his leadership abilities. Not only active through his football and baseball teams where he was the captain of both teams, but he also very active through the schools Future Farmers of America program, which helps in promoting the benefits of agriculture to our future farmers and ranchers. He was part of the FFA survey team, as well as their parliamentary procedure team, along with being an officer for their chapter. As a freshman in high school Jeremy started his first business and took advantage of a program that encouraged first time ranchers. Throughout high school he showed his entrepreneurial spirit by managing his own work crews that picked vegetables, starting his first ranch, and running the planting process of his family’s farm.

He always did his best to do the right thing; working on doing his best and determined to make his family proud are all things that have stuck with him over the years. Jeremy continually makes an effort to pass these same qualities on to his own family.

College Years

Jeremy Fouts lived for athletics; he loved competing as a team and an individual. Pursuing athletics, as a career was something that he always wanted to do. He excelled in different sports, but as with many athletic careers Jeremy’s was cut short due to a number of debilitating injuries.

It left him lost and confused. After his injuries Jeremy was unsure what career he would pursue or what he would do with his life. Since Jeremy’s confidence was in sports and agriculture he felt limited in where he would turn, in order to make the most of his life.

Ultimately, Jeremy ended up attending Oklahoma State University and graduated with a bachelors in science and a minor in economics. His wife Candice also graduated from Oklahoma State University with a microbiology degree.

When Jeremy Met Candice

Jeremy met his wife Candice in middle school. They started dating in high school and after graduation they both attended college separately. Candice attended the University of Oklahoma until Jeremy asked her to become his wife their junior year of college. After marrying that summer, they both completed their college education at Oklahoma State University with science degrees. They have now been married 21 years and have two sons of their own. They have enjoyed many adventures together and created many lifetime memories with their sons. They look forward to creating many more family memories down the road.

Professional Growth and Career……Starting a farm

Jeremy’s passion for the land and the process of growing a crop and seeing the fruition of that crop led him to the purchase of his own farm. After college Jeremy and Candice purchased some agriculture land together. While Jeremy attended Oklahoma State University he learned more efficient ways of farming. He was able to work in a well known professor’s lab and was able to take that first-hand research knowledge and apply it in a practical setting of his own farm.

Always a visionary, Jeremy was able to take his farmland and improve the soil conditions as well with the addition of irrigation improvements. His implementation processes were able to help him maximize his farm production. Unfortunately, with any business, there are always ups and downs. Being a farmer, this was in the form of weather. After one particular growing season that was very promising, the weather took a turn and he was unable to harvest his two largest crops. As devastating as this was for Jeremy, this created a pivotal moment in his life.

When One Door Closes…: Jeremy’s Introduction to Direct Sales

They had a great couple of years farming, but as any farmer will tell you, it isn’t always roses when it comes to agriculture. If the stars don’t align, sometimes farming can bring its own set of difficulties. After Jeremy’s catastrophic growing season, due to weather out of his control, he wasn’t quite sure what their next move would be. As difficult as the farm crop loss was for Jeremy to understand, financially it was almost devastating. Unsure of his next step, in recovering the farm loss and debt, he was given an opportunity that would change his life forever. Enter direct sales. He didn’t know a lot about direct sales, but as fate would have it this type of business would have a long – lasting influence and ultimately have a profound effect on their lives going forward.

A family friend introduced him to a direct sales business in the health and wellness sector. Not sure what direct sales even meant, Jeremy knew the importance of needing to be able to start bringing in some sort of income for him and Candice. He was shown a system that he could take and duplicate with others along with a product that people wanted. As his confidence started to recover from the farm loss, he found a new love in helping people in a new way. His passion for the farm growing, translated into his passion for helping people grow in health and grow financially.

Because of his work ethic and understanding the importance of working as a team, he and Candice were able to use this new income to start supporting their household and eventually to pay down farm debts.

This first exposure to direct sales allowed Jeremy to build his knowledge base along with refining his leadership skills. Having always loved interacting with people, learning how he could truly impact a family’s future gave him a new drive in life.

Jeremy and Candice were fortunate to have great mentors in the direct sales industry. Surrounded by these mentors in his early twenties, Jeremy was able to dive in and really catch the vision for how direct sales could change their lives and become their good fortune. Learning the ropes from some amazing people and more importantly realizing the role that incredible leadership played in making things change for the better; they both saw a light at the end of the tunnel.

Knowing that this was his path in life, Jeremy and Candice embraced this company fully. He was able to achieve many rank advancements as well as earn different company promotions and a mountain incentive trip. As we all know, everything hinges on leadership. After going through some leadership changes within the company, Jeremy felt that he was being led to walk away. Having a strong faith, he listened and respectfully resigned his position.

Learning the Ropes and What It Means to Be a Leader

During Jeremy’s early twenties he realized that he was not where he wanted to be in life. Yes, he had pursued his passion in agriculture and had completed an education, but he quickly realized that there was so much more to life. Jeremy began to put a strong emphasis on his life to become a better person day by day, and learning all that he could to be a better leader. Jeremy realized that every decision he made affected who he was as a person for good or bad. After he joined his first direct sales company – and through the help of some incredible mentors, and by truly buckling down and being teachable and humble, he made a couple hundred thousand dollars in a very short amount of time. This first direct sales opportunity is what reinforced to him the necessity of strong leadership in life and business. What Jeremy learned from this first experience in direct sales was priceless and would set him up for helping others achieve success throughout his life.

Construction Ventures and the Recession

Jeremy has relied on his faith in guiding him in everything that he does. Although, the understanding of what your being asked is not always known at the time, obedience to it, carries you through.

Having been raised on the farm, there were always some days, weeks or months that you’re not able to work. Hence, the small side jobs. Jeremy was fortunate to have side jobs with his uncles. Two uncles had furniture stores where he could be found moving inventory for them and the other two had residential construction companies where he learned many different trades. He was able to take this construction knowledge and use it to his benefit in Dallas.

Jeremy and Candice Fouts at a direct sales event dinner for the top leaders of the company

Jeremy and Candice began their construction company as just the two them. Starting out as a small remodel company in Dallas in the early 2000’s, eventually turned into a paint company, cabinet company and general contracting company. They were blessed to have loyal men who worked with them on various kitchen remodels, full home remodels, along with commercial finish outs for medical spas. Their customers were all word of mouth referrals who preferred a higher end product, along with a contractor who could provide them with a complete experience. Jeremy and Candice worked personally with each customer to provide a seamless timeline that included design and selections along with custom cabinetry and paint finishes.

During this time, Jeremy and Candice became a family of three with the birth of their first son. During this same time, as we all experienced, was the financial crisis that hit late 2007 throughout 2008. Wanting to weather the storm, Jeremy made the decision to take lesser jobs in order to keep the men he employed working. Feeling the responsibility of their worker’s families, they continued to keep pushing forward with construction. After realizing this was not sustainable, Jeremy was tasked with the hard job of asking them to start looking for work elsewhere. In the fall of 2008, Jeremy was approached by an acquaintance who had joined a year-old direct sales company. He was not ready to engage again; however he did have the understanding of obtaining a position.

Direct Sales Career

The Power of Direct Sales

Jeremy Fouts realized there was real power in investing in self-improvement. He is the first to admit that he is not perfect, but he also realizes he can always do better. The incredible thing about direct sales is the sky is the limit. Think about a territory or the limits that accompany traditional business. That isn’t the case with direct sales, and you can impact people’s lives for the better across the board. Jeremy worked tirelessly on himself and his hard work paid off exponentially as he helps others to do the same. The beautiful thing about direct sales is that you don’t have to do it alone – everyone is there to help you succeed.

Diving Back In

Jeremy Fouts realizing his dream to coach his two boys in baseball.

After experiencing the ups and downs of a traditional business, Jeremy and Candice knew they needed a different opportunity. They were given that opportunity in the form of a year and a half old direct sales company. Having many talks with Candice, about how they wanted to see their life track, Jeremy made the decision in January of 2009 to again pursue direct sales. Knowing that their second son was due later that year, Jeremy understood he had to start now.

Starting out with dedicating one night per week to work on the new business, Jeremy was able to start his new endeavor while still helping Candice manage their construction company. Realizing the potential to increase was there with a little more effort, he began to add in an additional evening along with a Saturday morning training call. He understood that no matter how small or large your team is, communication is key. Working off the philosophy of it takes two years to build a business, he put his head down and did exactly that, work. By the end of year three, stability had shown and growth started to occur at a rapid pace. By year four, he had helped two couples solidify their financial future and those two couples were able to help another six families accomplish the same. Jeremy understood the power of two and was able to communicate and duplicate that power throughout his team. The numbers of families who have been able to take this process and change their lives are countless. With the passion to help others and to help provide them the tools necessary, Jeremy was on fire for the future.

It is incredible how finding a company in the right place at the right time can change your life. They ended up having son number two and life then went to the next level. Now, not to say that it didn’t take hard work and dedication, but the payoff was incredible; over the course of a couple of years they grew that company exponentially. Jeremy and Candice were eventually making several millions of dollars a year, but more importantly for them was the fact that they were able to help many families experience the same blessings. Jeremy was able to help so many people make a difference in their family. More importantly, Jeremy was able to be the coach for his kid’s sports teams and have the time freedom that he dreamed of to spend time with his wife and kids.

Family photo of Jeremy Fouts with his wife and two boys in the Bahamas

Jeremy Fouts growing up with humble beginnings, had a great childhood, but always knew of his parents constant worry about money. Eating out was a rare luxury and money was a constant worry. Jeremy was driven to help as much as he could as a kid, and those feelings don’t go away as an adult. Things like watching his dad rush from farming, still in his overalls, to try and make it to the boy’s ball games on time, stayed with Jeremy for the rest of his life. He knew that when he had kids of his own he wanted to have freedom that allowed him to spend quality time with his kids, and not always have to stress about his finances.

Jeremy and Candice didn’t need a mansion on the hill – they just knew that they wanted to have the freedom to enjoy their family, and have peace of mind. Jeremy wanted to give his family more so that the stresses and worries of finances weren’t always at the forefront of daily life. At the same time, Jeremy wanted to help as many people as possible experience the same financial freedom. Jeremy had a deep desire to help others experience the freedom that comes from financial independence. He knew that if he was humble and teachable he could create a situation in which he could help a lot of people.

Business Difficulties

Unfortunately, the company that allowed Jeremy to thrive was met with some unexpected challenges. Despite the hours of travel, time spent on calls and videos, Jeremy understood it was time for him to retire and take a step back. In deciding to take this step back, Jeremy knew it would also allow other leaders within the company to come forward. Although, Jeremy could not describe the magnitude of his decision, ultimately he understood this was the best decision for his family and was at peace with it.

Early Retirement – but Not for Long

Jeremy Fouts with his family on their ranch in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Jeremy ended up fulfilling a lifelong dream for he and his family. In 2015, Jeremy and Candice were able to purchase one of Jeremy’s dreams, a beautiful ranch in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Always, thinking of others first, his main vision was to be able to use the ranch not only for his family, but for others. To enjoy the peace of the mountains, while building relationships with others and inspiring them to dream is what he envisioned. He wasn’t sure if this was going be for the rest of his life, but he knew for the time being he and his family needed the peace and quiet that comes from reflecting in the peace of the picturesque mountains. During the building process of their lodge, Jeremy and Candice made the decision to retire and enjoy improving their land as a family. Taking the values and skills instilled in them as children, they moved their two sons to the west slope and began teaching how to love and care for the land. As a father with two young sons, he understood the importance of teaching them not only life skills, but the work side as well. Taking them under his wing, they were taught how to build a fence, use all sorts of equipment, and take care of their high altitude red angus cattle. Enjoying life on the ranch with Candice and the boys, Jeremy still had an underlying desire to help others.

Of course, he loved ranching and the mountains, but after about two years Jeremy felt the calling to do more. He recognized an emptiness, he knew there was something missing, even though he was living a lifelong dream. He knew an opportunity to help others was just around the corner. There was so much more Jeremy and Candice still wanted to contribute to the world. It was somewhat difficult to understand, that after working around the clock for seven years that there was still something inside of them saying, “I want to give back, I want to do more, and inner peace would come from helping others.”

The Birth of CorVive

From that desire, Jeremy started to lay out plans for his next adventure. Having now been on the distributor side of two different direct sales companies, Jeremy knew in his heart it was time to create his own company. Not just any company, they wanted to create a direct sales company that combined the best of the best. Jeremy didn’t want people involved with this new opportunity to have the same struggles that he had when he had work so hard building the previous companies. He wanted to streamline an opportunity that had elements that everyone could benefit from. Jeremy wanted to take everything that he had learned and build a company from the ground up that would be world class.

A company that would put people first, and with that in mind he would create world class nutritional products that were clean, safe and effective. Taking the various likes and dislikes that he had experienced before was the base of how he was going to start. First and foremost a product line that worked, contained no controversial ingredients, with all products having a pleasant taste. Second was to create a compensation plan that was competitive and fair. Third, was to create a culture that people wanted to be a part of and known for….love, serve and care.

Jeremy Fouts wanted to create a company that would have the best compensation plan and have affordable price points – creating an opportunity for the person who wants to make $500 a month or the person who wants to make life-changing income. Maybe even someone who is not sure what they want but they are attracted to the culture of changing the world for the better. He had a desire to create a brand that was clean, fun fresh and built around integrity.

That is how CorVive was born—out of the desire that people deserve better.

The name CorVive came from the word ‘core’. For years, Jeremy Fouts spoke on the importance of taking care of the core. It is integral for ensuring lifelong health. From internal health to external health, making sure that your relationships are healthy and that you are promoting a healthy lifestyle across the board: physical, mental, financial—these are all topics that Jeremy lectured on for years. Of course, ‘Vive’ in French is to live life, or living life. Jeremy decided to combine these two components and came up with CorVive a brand and name that really resonates with what the company stands for.

Jeremy Fouts has done business around the world; Asia, Latin America, the islands, Europe, and this name, CorVive, is one that can resound globally to help people get on the right track.
He wanted to build a company that not only helped with health and finances, but also really help people to become better people so that they can live life the way they want to live it.

CorVive’s mission is to keep things simple and stick to the basics – good, clean lifestyle works. One of the most exciting parts is to see people make changes in their lives that bring true and lasting happiness from the inside out.

Looking to the Future

Early on Jeremy told his boys and wife that CorVive isn’t about “us,” it is about helping as many people as we can achieve more for themselves and find true happiness. The beautiful thing about that is Jeremy’s entire family – both his boys and his wife – are on board 100%. Even his boys said, ‘dad if you can help other families enjoy what we have you have all of our support’. CorVive will be known as the company that everyone wants to be a part of, not just for the best financial side or the best products, but because the philosophy is one about helping others find the best they are inside and identifying that true happiness and helping them achieve it and live it. Candice and Jeremy feel deep down that they were called to do a business like this; a business that doesn’t limit how many people that they can help, love and serve, an opportunity that is limitless. Deep down they truly don’t want to leave this life without making a positive impact on as many people as they possibly can.

About CorVive

Only the Best Products

Jeremy sought out the best of the best when it comes to experts, ingredients, and origination. He formulated CorVive products with the highest quality raw ingredients, having no artificial ingredients at all. The products are safe and effective, and if they don’t meet the highest quality standards we simply won’t launch a product that is subpar.

A Comp Plan with Something for Everyone

Considering Jeremy’s expertise when it comes to understanding and building compensations plans, it was only natural that CorVive’s comp plan is the best in the industry, it combines multiple elements that allows individuals to participate at the level they prefer. Beyond just financial rewards, we want people to feel great about themselves no matter where they are in life. CorVive welcomes all no matter race, color, or background; come as you are everyone is welcome. All deserve to be happy and we accept everyone with open arms who want better lives for themselves and their loved ones. CorVive’s goal is to make a positive impact on everyone’s lives that it touches. Jeremy and his family are all part of this process so that as a family they can see the power of helping others achieve success.

The Future of CorVive

The Fouts are just getting started. CorVive has all of the elements in place for this company to make history. They are doing things better and are doing things right. The positive impact that Jeremy and Candice are having will require the industry as a whole to start adapting to keep up with CorVive. Jeremy has made a commitment to do all that he can to help others succeed. He realizes the impact we can make on the masses. He even mentions if something were to happen to him today, he would want people to remember him as someone who was humble and someone who truly lived what he preached; by truly leading every day with a servant heart, helping those who need help, loving those that need love, and staying true to his beliefs and caring for all—loving all, no matter what they wear, what they drive, or what they look like. Jeremy may not be perfect, but his love for all exemplifies his mission in life. CorVive is just the vehicle to take his message of serving and caring to the masses.