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Jeremy has had life long success as an entrepreneur, but nothing has driven him as much as the nutritional sales industry.

He understands the power of helping others to become their best version.  His principles of love, share and care have helped thousands of families in their endeavors to change their future. The best place to stay connected with Jeremy and his leadership trainings is here at Jeremy Fouts Blog. Here you will find the latest trainings and updates from Jeremy. You can learn about Jeremy Fouts Background or you can visit the blog to read the latest articles and posts. Share this blog with your friends and family and join us this Saturday on the Leadership call.

Leadership comes in many shapes, styles and designs. One personal development expert that clearly stands out in the leadership pack is CorVive Founder Jeremy Fouts. Let’s dive into what makes him one of the foremost sought after leadership trainers in the field.

Jeremy’s story starts from humble beginnings on a farm in small town Oklahoma. Many of us outsiders might look at that simple life as a welcomed adventure as did Jeremy. He appreciated everything he learned growing on that farm with his family. His mother and father instilled in him very strong values; hard work ethic, a never-quit attitude, and a love for his fellow man. Growing up in a heavily influenced Christian values household Jeremy learned early on that love was unconditional and that you should always find a way to help those in need.

Working from day light until dark, Jeremy some how managed to fit in a full schedule of sports at which he excelled at a very high level. These team experiences also allowed Jeremy to stretch his leadership skills as he was often called upon to be captain of these athletic endeavors, and again it was his patience, hard work, and good spirit that allowed him to lead all with a servant heart.

While venturing through the high school and college experience, Jeremy had a wonderful companion by his side always championing him along on and off the field her name was Candice. They married early on and have stood by each other through think and thin from that day forward. The same principles that Jeremy teaches to his leadership students, Jeremy applies to his successful marriage—love, serve, and care.

After Jeremy earned his degree he and Candice decided they would try their hand at agriculture, but it wasn’t long before they realized they wanted to spread their wings and find something more that would allow them to be a strong force for good in the world. In a strange twist of fate they were eventually introduced to network marketing. It was an immediate fit. In their first network-marketing endeavor they climb the ranks like a rocket, despite being loyal to that first company and their network of leaders there came a time when they knew they had to move on. After operating a very successful construction company in the Dallas area, another opportunity to join a network marketing company came their way, their second time around was even more successful than their first they help thousands find better health and finances for years. Jeremy’s love for serving people and helping them achieve more knew no boundaries, he would literally give the shirt off his back to help individuals grow as leaders and find their purpose and reason.

After giving years of service to this company the Fouts would eventually decide just before turning 40 years old that they would take and early retirement and move to a beautiful, masterpiece of God’s earth in the Grand Mesa area of Colorado. Surrounded by eight mountain ranges, all sorts of wild life, and operating a full-fledged Angus cattle operation, Jeremy had found a way back to his root on his terms. He, Candice and their two sons embraced the country life and never looked back, but as with all callings Jeremy still felt he had more to do.

Although Jeremy continued to field phone calls, text, emails and even house calls in order to volunteer his time as a mentor he never rejoined any specific company, he just was a friend to all who needed a friend and continued to operate under the mantra that he had all of his life: love, serve, and care. Many companies approached him during this period to help them develop sales programs, assist in start ups, invest in various opportunities, but the country bug had bit the Fouts and they were happy living out their retirement of their dreams in the Rockies.

Eventually as the years went on there came a time when Jeremy reflected on the amount of people he was able to serve and realized he did desire the opportunity to help others arrive in their own lives to where he had realized in his own life—the power of financial freedom. How could he help the most people achieve this for themselves? He knew there had to be a way that he could reach the masses and help transform their circumstances and assist them in finding true happiness and a life of fulfillment. For months as Jeremy adventured through his Rocky Mountain get-away he was also taking meetings with experts across many genres; health and wellness gurus, power executives, company owners, a line up of consultants, and eventually it became clear…he would build an opportunity to serve the masses. Taking all that is beautiful about the industry while peeling back all of the negative elements. He knew with the right people he could create an utopia of a company where everyone had a place where they could fit in and grow, and thus it was after all of the meetings, formulations reviews, team creation, he knew he had created almost the perfect opportunity that would allow him to serve others, watch them flourish and grow and go on and share the same message with others…CorVive was born.

That was May 2018, now about 20 months later the future for CorVive has never been better. Built around Jeremy’s personal philosophy of love, serve and care—the company also thrives off the spirit of having fun, being fresh, championing innovation and providing the best health supplements available at prices that make them affordable for everyone.

CorVive is currently in the sweet spot, the early start up jitters have worn off, a solid group of seasoned executives navigate the corporate environment with excellence, the timing of CorVive is perfect. The company has weathered the first 20 months with ease, and exudes the magic that is needed to move into the future with confidence that individuals can count on beautiful things to continue to improve lives around the world for decades to come.

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